Definition of field grey in English:

field grey


mass noun
  • A dark shade of grey, the regulation colour of the uniform of a German infantryman.

    • ‘They were ushered into a room and stood before a table at which sat several officers in field grey.’
    • ‘In a far corner of the field grey figures were taking turns to throw a heavy weight over a high bar and then leap out of the way as it crashed earthwards.’
    • ‘He wore the field-grey uniform of the commissioned high rank of the army and the many decoration and stripes.’
    • ‘Roswitha and Kitty sewed a field-gray uniform for Oskar, cutting it to his size.’
    • ‘Walking down the road with a German officer of my own rank (hauptmann - captain) talking of our experiences, he in his field grey and I in my khaki, I challenged him on Belsen and Auschwitz.’
    • ‘The SS developed its version of the army's field-grey combat uniform, with its own distinctive badges of rank on the collar, retaining black for full dress.’