Definition of fiddleback in English:



  • 1usually as modifier A thing shaped like the back of a violin, with the sides deeply curved inwards, especially the back of a chair or the front of a chasuble.

    • ‘Regardless of the maker, New York fiddle-back chairs are remarkably uniform in design and construction.’
    • ‘The cherry chest-on-frame, 1740-1760, comes from Connecticut, while the flanking pair of maple fiddleback chairs was made in the Hudson River valley in the eighteenth century.’
    • ‘Vaguely Queen Anne in style, the oval dining table and the front of the fiddleback chairs had ‘turned’ legs built from stacks of variously sized plasterboard disks.’
    • ‘The maple fiddleback chair, 1760-1800, is from Long Island.’
  • 2mass noun A rippled effect in the grain of fine wood, often exploited when making the backs of violins.

    as modifier ‘fiddleback mahogany’
    • ‘Some trees produce spectacularly grained wood in curly, fiddleback, quilt, and bird's eye designs that are treasured by fine furniture makers.’
    • ‘The group is now progressing well towards reaching its goal of having fine crafted furniture created from local species such as banksia, rock sheoak, fiddleback rivergum and common rivergum.’
    • ‘In maple this is termed tiger maple, or fiddleback, because it is preferred for violin backs.’
    • ‘The photo is a cabinet by Craig Vandall Stevens, of granadillo, fiddleback maple, spalted maple, spalted Swiss pear, bubinga, and brass.’