Definition of fictionally in English:



  • See fictional

    • ‘The Jerusalem-to-Ramallah route that Rana takes fictionally is itself the subject of the second of Abu-Assad's works in the festival: the documentary Ford Transit.’
    • ‘From what little is known about the shops, all shared some of the characteristics that Dickens had managed to fix fictionally by 1840: they were disorganized, overstuffed, eclectic, and fading.’
    • ‘Above all, it allows us to achieve - if only fictionally - the rare satisfaction of justice, real, moral, or poetic.’
    • ‘I'd done a lot of work fictionally, in terms of narrative, point of view and so on, but I also had lot of non-fiction experience to draw on: research methods, interviewing, finding material.’
    • ‘The play is set in the Shear Madness hair salon, fictionally located in Kensington, where the lives of customers and hairdressers are disrupted by a murder.’