Definition of fichu in English:



  • A small triangular shawl, worn round a woman's shoulders and neck.

    • ‘Originally the neckline had shown her chest, but now a thin fichu tried its best to cover the raw marks on her delicate skin.’
    • ‘The canvas in which the woman, wearing a pink dress and greenish fichu, is set against flowered wallpaper (private collection, Fig.13) was made explicitly as a gift for Gauguin.’
    • ‘In Chloridia, designs for the Queen as Chloris reveal the breasts so completely that one assumes that they must have been at least partly covered by some kind of fichu.’
    • ‘Annette was dreading it profusely, reluctantly putting on her fichu and allowing Garnier to help her into a waiting carriage.’


Mid 18th century: from French, from ficher ‘to fix, pin’.