Definition of fibster in English:



  • A person who tells lies.

    • ‘Children are the foremost, the most charming fibsters, and at the same time the sincerest people on earth.’
    • ‘I'd be loath to have you think me a fibster or dissembler.’
    • ‘They delighted in neatness, could not endure sluts, and even hated fibsters, tell-tales, and divulgers of secrets.’
    • ‘In farce, we see a fibster involving himself in unending snarls, and yet in the end getting off scot-free.’
    • ‘Julia raised her brows, hoping she had a natural talent for being a fibster, for it would take audacity to pull the wool over Sophie's eyes.’
    deceiver, fibber, falsifier, teller of lies, teller of untruths, perjurer, false witness, fabricator, equivocator, prevaricator, spinner of yarns
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