Definition of fibrosarcoma in English:


nounPlural fibrosarcomas, Plural fibrosarcomata

  • A sarcoma in which the predominant cell type is a malignant fibroblast.

    • ‘The characteristic ‘organoid’ pattern helps distinguish fibrous hamartoma of infancy from rhabdomyosarcoma and from infantile fibrosarcomas.’
    • ‘Unclassifiable spindle cell sarcoma, fibrosarcoma, or malignant fibrohistiocytoma may resemble the spindle cell areas of angiosarcoma.’
    • ‘The differential diagnosis included fibrous dysplasia and a low-grade fibrosarcoma.’
    • ‘Foci of malignant spindle cells representing fibrosarcoma were also identified.’
    • ‘Malignant fibrous histiocytomas and fibrosarcomas do not contain osteoid or bone and are typically high-grade lesions.’