Definition of fibrefill in English:



mass noun
  • Synthetic material used for padding and insulation in garments and soft furnishings such as cushions and duvets.

    • ‘The children then stuffed their slithery friends with fiberfill.’
    • ‘Lightly stuff the ball with fiberfill, adding the jingle bell or rattle to the center.’
    • ‘Ingeo, a synthetic PLA fiber that is made completely from renewable resources, is already on the market in the form of fiberfill and carpeting, and plans are in the works for clothing and disposable-diaper applications.’
    • ‘PET (polyethylene terephthalate) from soft drink bottles finds new life as fiberfill and carpet fibers.’
    • ‘With stretch cotton spider cobwebs or fiberfill from your local Halloween store, place them around your bushes, trees, or hang them on your porch.’
    • ‘After making drumsticks from wooden branches, leather scraps, fiberfill stuffing and string, the students are ready to play.’
    • ‘Viewers who climbed aluminum ladders to look into the spaces found segmented rounded forms, their stuffing of foam, fiberfill, wool and even pieces of hard plastic protruding here and there from surfaces of pale, wet-stretched hides.’
    • ‘This made two pillows, which I stuffed with polyester fiberfill.’
    • ‘Similarly, use the plywood as a template to cut the fiberfill batting, but leave at least 2-3 inches extra batting to wrap around behind the backer panel.’
    • ‘Its timeless shape is underscored by ample boxed cushions filled with a combination of fiberfill, duck feathers, and duck down.’
    • ‘Supplies for the project included a 10’ x 36’ strip of muslin for each child, diluted fabric paints in a variety of colors, fiberfill, puffy paints, assorted buttons, felt, leather scraps and tacky glue.’
    • ‘The blankets involved either down or some very high-quality polyester fiberfill business.’
    • ‘The stuff that isn't down is some sort of fiberfill.’
    • ‘DuPont's Lycra brand elastane, nylon textile and Dacron branded specialties and fiberfill businesses, which previously operated as separate businesses, will fall under the new organization.’
    • ‘Thinsulate Insulation, a trademarked product of 3M, offers about one and a half times the warmth of down and nearly twice the warmth of high-loft fiberfill insulations when equal thicknesses are compared.’
    • ‘Turn the snake right-side-out and fill with fiberfill.’
    • ‘We got through sewing one seam and filling the pig's body with fibrefill for the 40 minutes we had that day (mind you, we were making a pig each for 16 children).’