Definition of fevered in English:



  • 1Having or showing the symptoms associated with a dangerously high temperature.

    ‘they mopped his fevered brow’
    • ‘Your face is all red and unless I am mistaken that is sweat on your fevered brow.’
    • ‘The chill provided a welcome cool to his fevered temperature.’
    • ‘Fulfillment as sweet as a cold hand to a fevered brow, or cool mud to a bee sting can now be found in the digital realms.’
    • ‘The maître d' looked so sympathetic at this display of luvvie neediness that I would not have been at all surprised if he had returned to the table carrying a cold compress with which to mop Callow's fevered brow.’
    • ‘As Roy complied, he looked down on Vincent, at his flushed cheeks, his fevered brow.’
    • ‘An admonishing chat from Butcher, coupled with the birth of his daughter, Courtney, at the beginning of last season prompted a change in Partridge, like a cool hand soothing a fevered brow.’
    • ‘Then, Mara was there, eyes and entire being glowing with purple fire, and he laid a gentle hand on the girl's fevered brow.’
    • ‘One man cooled his fevered brow there, while another washed the dirt from his eyes and claimed he could see better than before.’
    • ‘It can be a tasty bit of pâté on a wee biscuit or a squirt of refreshing skin conditioner for the fevered brow.’
    • ‘My childhood dream was to be mother, at home with my children, making pictures out of macaroni, passing on my favourite bedtime stories, helping with homework, soothing fevered brows and wiping away snot.’
    • ‘Either you have not gone bed to yet, and you need something to assuage your fevered brow, or you are waking up and you need something to assuage your fevered brow.’
    • ‘Yesterday Allison was able to fuel me with soup and hot chocolate and occasionally mop my fevered brow with the damp sleeve of her dressing gown.’
    • ‘Seventy years later my mother can still remember her tender father staying up half the night stroking the fevered brow of his sickly youngest daughter before going to work at three in the morning.’
    • ‘No one will wipe my fevered brow, no one will sooth my aching head.’
    • ‘These thoughts spun around in my head, making my fevered brow sweat.’
    • ‘Maybe a glass of water would suffice, also to cool my fevered brow.’
    • ‘He dabbed her fevered brow with the edge of his tunic that clung wetly to his broad chest.’
    • ‘The soreness of the throat, the fevered brow, the pumping headache, when will it ever end?’
    • ‘I'll have them bring some wet rags, to cool your fevered brow.’
    • ‘Not by my bed mopping my fevered brow but, for much of the time, tucked up beside me in a queen-size bed in a luxury hotel.’
    feverish, febrile, hot, burning, sweating
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    1. 1.1 Feeling or displaying an excessive degree of nervous excitement, agitation, or energy.
      ‘my fevered adolescent imagination’
      • ‘My friend Fiona and I were in a state of fevered excitement.’
      • ‘In rural Ireland we were the flying doctors to a generation of fevered imaginations.’
      • ‘I do not see why we should agitate our already fevered minds by these false notions.’
      • ‘The missus read it with fevered excitement since she has previously expressed an interest in playing the piano.’
      • ‘But, if you pursue that argument to its logical conclusion, then there really isn't any reason why prisons shouldn't be holiday camps in reality and not just in the fevered imaginations of tabloid headline writers.’
      • ‘However, I was delighted to discover that the most disgusting content was that I had created myself out of my fevered imagination, although Peter and the Beeb got the most hits.’
      • ‘In Roche's fevered imagination his leader is a combination of Mother Teresa, St Francis of Assisi and metrosexual man, finely attuned to the sensitivities of those around him.’
      • ‘Olivia hugs herself, staring at Frank as he lies on the floor of the tent in a state of fevered agitation.’
      • ‘But after all this excitement and even some fevered dance-floor action I became tired and had to lie down for a bit.’
      • ‘Obviously, it's preferable to have another very good actor to work off because it raises your game, but if you've got a little cross of tape and a fairly fevered imagination you can get reasonably far.’
      • ‘Not since the lobbyist ‘cracked’ and confessed to bribery has there been such fevered excitement surrounding the planning corruption tribunal.’
      • ‘His soloing, particularly on Hootie's Blues and his confessed favourite tune Cherokee is said to have set off wild dancing and fevered excitement among the concert goers.’
      • ‘The collection has aroused a mixture of fevered excitement and disgust.’
      • ‘McMillan's already fevered imagination was fired even further, while Mexico gave Beresford the inspiration to take up serious painting again.’
      • ‘Have you considered the possibility that ‘podcasting’ is a nonsense phrase that is the product of your fevered imagination?’
      • ‘The last chukka saw both teams go all out and play some very fanciful and accurate polo, raising the excitement to a fevered pitch.’
      • ‘It looks like a scene from Dante's fevered imagination: An ancient, soot-blackened, windowless workshop lit by a volcanic display of sparks.’
      • ‘Few experiences can match the fevered, full-bodied excitement of a good island fête.’
      • ‘So he was ‘extremely sceptical of sightings of large cats in this country and used to consider them the product of someone's fevered imagination while walking home after numerous pints in the village pub’.’
      • ‘Both sides see a political significance to World Cup fever that exists only in their fevered imaginations.’
      excited, agitated, energetic, frenzied, overwrought, frantic, worked up, fervid
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