Definition of fetishize in English:


(also fetishise)


[with object]
  • 1Make (something) the object of a sexual fetish.

    ‘women's bodies are so intensely fetishized’
    • ‘I must say I'm extremely surprised that some people have interpreted my flip ‘vulnerability is sexy’ comment to mean that I'm in some way fetishising this boy's condition.’
    • ‘Black women in pornography are keenly aware of how their sexuality is fetishized and marketed in films that are distributed and seen all over the United States and elsewhere in the world.’
    • ‘Is there any known overlap between necrophiliacs and people that fetishise sex with dolls and robots?’
    • ‘The cards objectified women, they fetishized exoticism, and they naturalized children's uninhibited sexuality.’
    • ‘As we all know, when it comes to sex, men in particular tend to fetishize body parts and clothing.’
    • ‘Feminist film critics have seen this phenomenon (clinically known as fetishism) operating in the cinema; the camera fetishizes the female form.’
    • ‘Also, Christian Bale is brilliant, and not just because of the astounding physical commitment to the role, his body being fetishised like as if he were some muscular Man-God from a Tony Scott flick.’
    • ‘To enact social transgression and a kind of hyperrealism, obscene language fetishizes certain words related to sex; the obscene word substitutes for the body part in question but, in the process, acquires the status of a fetish.’
    • ‘After September 11 everyone was talking about masculinity, mostly because any heterosexual woman who hadn't previously fetishized firemen now felt compelled to do so, if only out of gratitude.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, they milk her god-given attributes to mobilize armies of budding wannabes by sanitizing her sexuality, and legions of men by fetishizing her purity.’
    • ‘The necrophile might fetishise the feel of dead skin, or the point of death, or the idea of being a vampire.’
    • ‘I would suggest that this cultural fantasy is the symptom of one model for male creativity - the desire to disavow woman's essential Lack by fetishizing an ordinary object.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, Claire fetishizes the black body as she projects her own preoccupation with flesh upon her lover, Paupaulekejo.’
    • ‘The piece points to various Web sites where unsafe sex is fetishized.’
    • ‘The key to watching the film was to realize it wasn't the story of the titular Lisbon sisters; rather it was the story of the boys who fetishized them.’
    • ‘I have a following there that is mostly teenage girls, because they're the ones who really fetishize gay pornography and everything gay.’
    • ‘In Japan, grown men are fetishizing schoolgirls in sober navy uniforms.’
    • ‘If it's even slightly butch, they'll fetishise it.’
    1. 1.1 Have an excessive and irrational commitment to (something)
      ‘an author who fetishizes privacy’
      • ‘She built an ostentatious mansion, wore designer fashions, and fetishized the color pink long before Mary Kay Ash, with a pink convertible and even a pink canary.’
      • ‘I say this as one who fetishizes the electric guitar in all its glorious forms.’
      • ‘While I admire Orwell as a writer greatly, I tire of the way his writing is fetishised by others, as if he were the definitive authority on matters moral and political.’
      • ‘Often, it is this image that elicits the most delight from the science fiction film fan: the moment in which the technology itself is foregrounded and the visual drama is fetishized.’
      • ‘It's also possible that Miike is satirizing the cyberpunk genre, as payback to Gibson and other cyberpunk authors and filmmakers, for their relentless fetishizing of Japanese culture.’
      • ‘By delineating a distinction between being ‘in the Colony’ versus ‘of the people,’ Phayne fetishizes the boundary lines that Rye draws in relation to class privilege.’
      • ‘Whilst Marx appears to make use of something like the stratified and transformational ontology set out above, he adds another element: the ontology is also fetishized.’
      • ‘But I guess because I never had that, I fetishize it, sort of.’
      • ‘By way of incessant close-ups of Roberts, the film fetishizes her aloneness and her independence.’
      • ‘Movies and songs and TV - even CNN, these days - fetishize love.’
      • ‘No longer would the balance of payments be fetishized as the OEEC was informed that the next balance of payments crisis would be met through the depletion of reserves rather than by deflationary measures.’
      • ‘Mailer fetishizes bravery, which has sometimes made him seem silly.’
      • ‘Unlike the good doctor, you never get the impression that Slim has deluded himself into thinking he has an ounce of talent, nor that he is foolishly playing out a N.W.A.-induced fantasy often fetishized by sheltered white youth.’
      • ‘Whitman has produced music that (particularly as a collection) neither fetishizes the scholarly pallor of early electronic music nor attempts to radically recast the tools or to play clever games with them.’
      • ‘But maybe we also fetishize characters like him because they symbolize possibility.’
      • ‘Antipop obviously aspires to pick up electro-hip-hop where Afrika Bambataa left off - analog synthesizers are practically fetishized on this album, and the beats are all curt drum machines.’
      • ‘In the past, training for white-collar professions was favored and emphasized, and titles and diplomas were fetishized.’
      • ‘As such, my own explanation is probably somewhat incomplete: in a culture with little privacy, intimate moments are fetishized.’
      • ‘Richard Prince fetishized the classic T-Bird ear hood in a set of gray fiberglass sculptures.’
      • ‘The dominant strain of the American left, on the other hand, certainly since the decline of the socialist left, fetishizes fairness, openness, and diversity.’