Definition of fetchingly in English:



  • See fetching

    • ‘And so they got on with it, taking the standard British free-fall nuclear bomb of the time, the fetchingly named Blue Danube, and designing a pressurised, water-tight casing for the land-mine version.’
    • ‘Why, we could even have it as the slogan for the next Labour Party Conference, fetchingly lit in shades of green and rose, with a copy of the Koran given away free to every delegate.’
    • ‘This is made easier, of course because while still looking fetchingly human, she has the proverbial nine lives and can clamber up walls, leap across yawning gaps etc.’
    • ‘She didn't swing her hips, pucker her lips, roll her eyes, flare her nostrils, smoke fetchingly or lure luckless men to dark destinies by deceiving them.’
    • ‘Bowker is more scholarly and far better on Orwell's literary influences; Taylor, eager to be fetchingly original, breaks up his chronological account with mini-essays on aspects of Orwell's career and personality.’
    • ‘Coldplay's music is reassuringly familiar and dependably thoughtful to everyone except, it seems, Chris Martin, who has fetchingly wrapped up their third album in his insecurities.’