Definition of fetal alcohol syndrome in English:

fetal alcohol syndrome


mass nounMedicine
  • A congenital syndrome associated with excessive consumption of alcohol by the mother during pregnancy, and characterized by retardation of mental development and of physical growth, particularly of the skull and face.

    • ‘If you have adopted your child, there are signs you can recognize that may indicate fetal alcohol syndrome.’
    • ‘Furthermore, with such excessive consumption, fetal alcohol syndrome should be in evidence.’
    • ‘Possible contributing factors in the development of autism include infections, errors in metabolism, immunology, lead poisoning, and fetal alcohol syndrome.’
    • ‘Chronic alcoholic mothers, for instance, have a 45% chance of having an infant with fetal alcohol syndrome.’
    • ‘Folds also occur in certain congenital conditions, including fetal alcohol syndrome.’
    • ‘Pregnant adolescents and adult women who drink, of course, place their infants at risk of fetal alcohol syndrome, and there's no patient population who can be considered free of risk for alcohol-related problems.’
    • ‘Autism has been reported in children with fetal alcohol syndrome, in children who were infected with rubella during pregnancy, and in children whose mothers took a variety of medications that are known to damage the fetus.’
    • ‘Drinking alcohol in pregnancy also can increase the risk of heart defects - babies with fetal alcohol syndrome often have them.’
    • ‘The leading preventable cause of mental retardation in the United States, fetal alcohol syndrome affects about 1 in 1,000 U.S. infants and about 6 percent of children born to alcoholic women.’
    • ‘In the most severe cases, children exposed to alcohol prenatally have a pattern of birth defects identified as fetal alcohol syndrome.’
    • ‘Alcohol abuse by the mother causes fetal alcohol syndrome, and certain medications taken by the mother can cause birth defects.’
    • ‘Also avoid alcohol during pregnancy because babies with fetal alcohol syndrome often have congenital heart defects.’
    • ‘Teachers identified a total of 30 children as having various disabilities such as speech and language problems, fetal alcohol syndrome, developmental delays, Down syndrome, and Russell Silvers syndrome.’
    • ‘Indian people have the highest rate of incarceration and the highest rates of fetal alcohol syndrome, diabetes, and cancer.’
    • ‘This puts your baby at risk of a serious condition called fetal alcohol syndrome, which is a group of birth defects.’
    • ‘Excessive alcohol use during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, a constellation of growth retardation, facial deformities, and central nervous system dysfunction.’
    • ‘Adverse effects for children of women who use alcohol and tobacco include fetal alcohol syndrome, birth defects, growth deficits, developmental disabilities, and learning disorders.’
    • ‘Alcohol use adversely affects neuron migration during gestation and can produce a syndrome known as fetal alcohol syndrome, which is related to criminal behavior.’
    • ‘Moreover, alcohol consumption by pregnant women can result in fetal alcohol effects and fetal alcohol syndrome.’
    • ‘The diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome is partly based on craniofacial features which include microcephaly, telecanthus, narrow palpebral fissures, thin lips and a flat philtrum, with or without cleft lip or palate.’


fetal alcohol syndrome