Definition of Festschrift in English:



  • A collection of writings published in honour of a scholar.

    ‘on his sixtieth birthday he received a Festschrift with contributions from over thirty colleagues’
    • ‘The documentary section is dominated by a complete translation of the 1912 Festschrift, the first discrete publication devoted to Schoenberg.’
    • ‘Family Therapy around the World: A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow is a wonderful tribute to and legacy of an amazing, seemingly ubiquitous woman.’
    • ‘I can't finish without a public ‘thank you’ to Jim for all his efforts at the time of my retirement: editorship of Archaeology of Eastern North America, my own Festschrift.’
    • ‘This is a superior Festschrift, filled with fresh ideas, and eminently well deserved.’
    • ‘As Benjamin Britten remarked in a Festschrift published on Michael Tippett's sixtieth birthday, the birthday boy can feel that he is ‘already dead and that the musicologists are busy on the corpse’.’
    • ‘The remaining essays, despite the editors' protestations that this volume is more thematically coherent than the typical Festschrift, are something of a grab bag.’
    • ‘It was the custom in Europe for a great professor to be presented with a Festschrift filled with writings by his students and admirers.’
    • ‘This Festschrift set a challenging goal before its contributors: to see how artifacts aid in interpreting texts, and texts artifacts.’
    • ‘This book is intended to be both a Festschrift prepared by former students of Father O'Malley and a textbook for university courses dealing with sixteenth- and seventeenth-century European history.’
    • ‘Recently he has been honored by a Festschrift titled A God So Near, assembled by his former students, with contributions representative of the best scholarship by colleagues of his generation.’
    • ‘The majority of musical Festschriften (the Festschrift is not, of course, exclusively a musical phenomenon) contain essays written for an influential individual - often a scholar, composer, or performer - by friends and pupils.’
    • ‘Königsberger is also famed for his biography of Helmholtz and his biographical Festschrift for Jacobi.’
    • ‘He has been the recipient of three Festschriften (for his sixtieth, seventieth and eightieth birthdays) and a special edition of the Journal of Modern History.’
    • ‘Many aspects of his prodigious career are treated in the tributes offered by his friends, fans and collaborators for this Festschrift assembled to honour his 70th year.’
    • ‘The first issue was subtitled ‘A Festschrift in Honor of James Laughlin, Publisher of New Directions.’’
    • ‘This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology comprises a Festschrift, summarizing those proceedings, in honour of Herr Professor Doctor Brooks.’
    • ‘John Beattie, the pre-eminent historian of English crime and punishment, has already been honoured with an excellent Festschrift.’
    • ‘His most important work is a Festschrift for Weierstrass's 70th birthday.’
    • ‘A Festschrift in celebration of his sixtieth birthday was recently published.’
    • ‘If an American New Testament scholar ever deserved a Festschrift, Frederick Danker would stand close to the top of the list.’


Late 19th century: from German, from Fest ‘celebration’ + Schrift ‘writing’.