Definition of Fescennine in English:



  • (of words or behaviour) obscene or scurrilous in nature.

    ‘Fescennine licence’
    • ‘A merry oration in the Fescennine manner.’
    • ‘In ancient Rome the performance of Fescennine songs at a wedding was said to avert the evil eye.’
    • ‘Early native Italian jocular dialogue in Latin verse are known as Fescennine verses.’
    • ‘A Fescennine song was a lewd take on what was happening in the bridal chamber.’
    • ‘Professional actors replaced the rude, extempore Fescennine verses with dancing and singing to the flute.’
    pornographic, indecent, salacious, smutty, x-rated, lewd, rude, dirty, filthy, vulgar, foul, coarse, crude, gross, vile, nasty, disgusting, offensive, shameless, immoral, improper, immodest, impure, indecorous, indelicate, unwholesome, scabrous, off colour, lubricious, risqué, ribald, bawdy, suggestive, titillating, racy, erotic, carnal, sensual, sexy, lascivious, lecherous, licentious, libidinous, goatish, degenerate, depraved, amoral, debauched, dissolute, prurient
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Early 17th century: from Latin Fescenninus ‘relating to Fescennia’, a place in Etruria which was famous for bawdy verse in ancient times.