Definition of fervency in English:



  • See fervent

    • ‘Well, Sontag points to the ‘passionate bleakness’ of ‘a restless, chronically dissatisfied mind’ that offers us ‘moral fervency and gifts of compassion’.’
    • ‘He has succeeded in expressing the fervency and zeal both of the minister and his congregation.’
    • ‘Bernard was not content with careful exegesis and orthodox doctrine - there is also an unusual fervency and passion in the sermons.’
    • ‘There hasn't been great fervency for football up here but I detect a change and that the club is now capturing our public's imagination.’
    • ‘It is with the same level of fervency that I'm told in the media that the postmodernist EU is all sweetness and light while the US acts ‘selfishly’ or as a ‘bully boy’.’