Definition of ferrocyanide in English:



  • A salt containing the anion Fe(CN)₆⁴⁻.

    • ‘The process works because soluble copper and iron form insoluble compounds with the ferrocyanide ion.’
    • ‘We can't say one is more likely than another - the water system map was there, the ferrocyanide was there and the gunpowder was there.’
    • ‘Protons diffuse across a membrane from the anode chamber to the cathode chamber, where they react with the anions to form water or ferrocyanide ions.’
    • ‘For some samples a mixture of ferricyanide and ferrocyanide were added to the pellet.’
    • ‘The ferrocyanide reacts with ferric ion to produce a blue color via the Prussian blue indicator, with the intensity of the color being proportional to the glucose concentration in the sample.’