Definition of ferritin in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A protein produced in mammalian metabolism which serves to store iron in the tissues.

    • ‘High concentrations of the iron carrying protein ferritin are a marker of haemochromatosis.’
    • ‘Several detailed studies were carried out with the proteins lysozyme and ferritin.’
    • ‘At baseline, serum ferritin and antithyroid peroxidase antibodies were measured and a thyrotrophin releasing hormone test was performed.’
    • ‘To trigger living cells into producing their own contrast agent, Ahrens gave them a gene that produces a form of ferritin, a protein that normally stores iron in a non-toxic form.’
    • ‘These mice also had high blood levels of the iron storage protein ferritin.’


1930s: from ferri- + -t- (for ease of pronunciation) + -in.