Definition of Fermi–Dirac statistics in English:

Fermi–Dirac statistics

plural noun

  • treated as singular A type of quantum statistics used to describe systems of fermions.

    • ‘We relate the Fermi-Dirac statistics of an ideal Fermi gas in a harmonic trap to partitions of given integers into distinct parts, studied in number theory.’
    • ‘It is rumored that he was annoyed that he did not, at the same time, apply Fermi-Dirac statistics to conductors, something later done by Sommerfeld.’
    • ‘After studies with Max Born in Göttingen, Germany, he returned to Italy, where in Florence he discovered Fermi-Dirac statistics, a system for mathematically analyzing the behavior of subatomic particles.’


1920s: named after E. Fermi (see Fermi, Enrico) and P. A. M. Dirac (see Dirac, Paul).


Fermi–Dirac statistics

/ˌfɛmiˈdɪrak stəˌtɪstɪks/