Definition of feria in English:



  • (in Spain and Spanish-speaking America) a fair.

    • ‘Later they were included in many corridas, not always under the best of conditions, but they kept lowering barriers until they gained roles as protagonists for the Latin American ferias and for the upcoming European season.’
    • ‘In artisans' ferias, found throughout the country, the variety of handicrafts is extensive.’
    • ‘Seville is also noted for its feria, a type of fair.’
    • ‘They will perform in the most important ferias this year.’
    • ‘The most popular is the one that takes place during the town's feria at the beginning of July.’
    • ‘As we have already seen, the chronicle is quite explicit that his death occurred on the third feria, the feast of Saint John, December 27, a date supported by the entry in the martyrology.’
    • ‘Today we had a recovery day from the excesses of the feria.’
    • ‘Anyway tonight I found out that two days after I arrive in Arcos, at the end of this month, the feria starts and she will be doing her thing on the stage outside Santa Maria in the Plaza del Cabildo.’
    • ‘Suzanne notes that up until a year ago only one booth at the local feria (fair - farmers' market) was organic.’


Spanish, from Latin, literally ‘holiday’.