Definition of ferberite in English:



mass noun
  • A black mineral consisting of ferrous tungstate, typically occurring as elongated prisms.

    • ‘There were shops full of green and purple fluorite, ferberite and arsenopyrite, and spessartine and stibnite.’
    • ‘Today, the production of ferberite and other metal concentrates is about 1,500 tons annually.’
    • ‘The Yaogangxian mine is a world-class locality for not only fluorite but also for arsenopyrite, bournonite, stannite, wurtzite, and ferberite.’
    • ‘Almost the entire iron-manganese tungstate series appears to be represented in these deposits; the most common is manganese-bearing ferberite.’
    • ‘There are exceptions, such as German manganite, some Bolivian and Chinese cassiterite, Russian ilvaite, Brazilian and Namibian schorl, Panasqueira ferberite, and rutile, especially that from Graves Mountain, Georgia.’


Early 19th century: named after Rudolph Ferber (1743–90), Swedish mineralogist, + -ite.