Definition of Fenianism in English:



  • See Fenian

    • ‘A fundamental product of Fenianism's post-1867 reorganization was the acknowledgement that it would support all movements which strove for even partial Irish independence so long as they did not compromise the IRB itself.’
    • ‘In 1882, McNamee would be accused of ‘having introduced Fenianism into Canada.’’
    • ‘Fresh perspectives on familiar topics - Fenianism, the land war, and de Valera and women - also emerge from three articles distinguished by the quality and scope of their archival research.’
    • ‘Opposed to both the ethnographic stereotypes voiced by Haines and the militant Fenianism of the Citizen, the narrative perspective seems to concur with Bloom's more prosaic idea of a nation as ‘the same people living in the same place’.’
    • ‘The number of political street ballads that were written and sold in Dublin about the Manchester martyrs and the Invincible society also indicates that Fenianism did indeed penetrate the popular culture of working-class Dublin.’