Definition of fenestrated in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛnəˌstreɪtɪd//fɪˈnɛstreɪtɪd/


  • 1Provided with a window or windows.

    ‘the fenestrated heights of nearby buildings’
    • ‘Where a building served as both museum and gallery, as at Wolverhampton, the ground floor, containing the museum, was fenestrated and the first floor was windowless.’
    • ‘Two of these stands are fenestrated and similar in size and function to the stand found in the adjoining storeroom.’
    • ‘With fully fenestrated facades facing each other across virtually inaccessible passageways it seems that each house was conceived in complete isolation.’
    • ‘On the east side of the Inner Court is a ruinous two-storey building of the later 15th century, expansively fenestrated.’
    • ‘A deep, fenestrated entryway in the neoclassical style was added at some point in the eighteenth century, and its corners are quoined like the comers of the house (and were presumably added at the same time).’
    • ‘Displacement of the tube from its insertion point may be prevented by giving the tube either a fenestrated or a corrugated external surface.’
    • ‘He draws attention to other objects that might be confused with plaques, such as clay boxes or fenestrated tripod legs.’
    • ‘The room produced a number of interesting objects, including fragments of a terracotta fenestrated stand, pieces of sheet bronze, and part of a bronze helmet crest.’
    • ‘It is of clean lines, soft colours, curved and contoured to do justice to chanting and other sacred noises that rise up high with wafting incense into the fenestrated oak-panelled ceiling high above.’
  • 2Anatomy
    Having perforations, apertures, or transparent areas.

    ‘the capillaries have a fenestrated epithelium’
    • ‘To prevent cardiac herniation through the pericardial defect a fenestrated patch of Gortex is sutured into place.’
    • ‘A transesophageal echocardiogram disclosed a probable fenestrated atrial septum with an aneurysm and a bidirectional shunting that was confirmed by cardiac catheterization in supine position.’
    • ‘The missing retinal photoreceptors can be seen in the region below the fenestrated basement membrane as seen in transverse sections of the compound eyes.’
    • ‘The nasal mucosa is richly vascularised, and the fenestrated epithelium drains by way of the facial and sphenopalatine veins, avoiding first pass metabolism.’
    • ‘The width of the fenestrated layer between the basement membrane and the cellular cortex of the lamina monopolar cells is reduced.’


Early 19th century: from Latin fenestrare (see fenestrate) + -ed.