Definition of fellow human being in English:

fellow human being


  • Another person, considered as sharing the condition of being a member of the human race.

    ‘she couldn't let a fellow human being die’
    • ‘They'd probably want to help their fellow human beings in any way they could.’
    • ‘Alternatively, it may be simply that he sees in her a fellow human being.’
    • ‘We're talking about the wellbeing of a fellow human being.’
    • ‘We get judged by our fellow human beings.’
    • ‘She is convinced that without love for fellow human beings, there can be no creativity.’
    • ‘As a fellow human being, you naturally have sympathy for anyone in that situation.’
    • ‘The Net is turning people into loners who prefer a computer interface rather than the warmth of a smile from fellow human beings.’
    • ‘A true poet always feels safe in the company of numerous other fellow human beings.’
    • ‘I think as individuals one has to take a bit more responsibility for fellow human beings.’