Definition of fellow feeling in English:

fellow feeling


  • [mass noun] Sympathy and fellowship existing between people based on shared experiences or feelings:

    ‘a common culture could help unite the classes and promote fellow feeling’
    ‘he had a shy manner which evoked a fellow feeling in me’
    • ‘To do so would have been an expression not of weakness but simple human courtesy and fellow feeling.’
    • ‘I have a fellow feeling for the absent-minded who are accused of wilfulness.’
    • ‘When we see a child or a young person in tears it has an effect upon us: we have a sense of fellow feeling and sympathy.’
    • ‘All of these claims are mistaken, of course - and more than mistaken: demonstrably and obviously untrue, outrages upon history and fellow feeling for the humanity of previous generations.’
    • ‘As long as people have a good time, as long as the community is burnished with an extra polishing of fellow feeling, an event is successful, right?’
    • ‘We must have a deep fellow feeling for something of which we are so much a part.’
    • ‘Have we so lost our capacity for fellow feeling that we cannot spare even the least hope for these people?’
    • ‘The fellow feeling might also have emanated from sharing the common ancestral lineage of the same village.’
    • ‘They have abnegated all morality and all fellow feeling for the rest of mankind.’
    • ‘Well yes, I do have a great sense of fellow feeling.’
    • ‘Affection, fellow feeling, even gratitude were as nothing compared with political expediency.’
    • ‘I still felt compassion and fellow feeling for them.’
    • ‘At the same time a semi-philosophical debate is being conducted on the reasons for the decline in fellow feeling.’
    • ‘And it is an affront to our fellow feeling with them.’
    • ‘It is love, laughter, adventure and fellow feeling that remain in short supply - which is why audiences value them so highly in movies.’
    • ‘He competes as hard as anyone in British sport but he does so with honour and fellow feeling.’
    • ‘His fellow feeling is for fellow crooks, now as ever.’
    • ‘But that same fellow feeling also supplies me with a certain amount of cynicism.’
    • ‘One may take place in a rural area and the other in an urban one, but they meet on the common ground of personal travail, self-denial, mutual compromise, and fellow feeling.’
    • ‘But although Jenkins is a satirist with strenuous moral standards he also looks at poor, suffering, inadequate humanity with fellow feeling and compassion, not with hatred or disgust.’
    sympathy, empathy, feeling, compassion, care, concern, solicitude, solicitousness, warmth, tenderness, brotherly love
    pity, sorrow, commiseration, condolences
    affinity, rapport, harmony, understanding, fellowship, closeness, togetherness, connection, communion
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fellow feeling