Definition of felix culpa in English:

felix culpa


  • 1(in Christian theology) the sin of Adam viewed as fortunate, because it brought about the blessedness of the Redemption.

    • ‘There is no celebration of the felix culpa in Milton's treatise; instead, there is a conditioning of the reader to the epistemological conditions the Fall imposes.’
    • ‘Just this once, I'm not going to go on about just how very much I love the felix culpa passage from the Catholic liturgies.’
    • ‘It is not surprising, therefore, to find Milton invoking the idea of the felix culpa in the poem’
    1. 1.1 An apparent error or disaster with happy consequences.
      ‘he presents the revolt as a felix culpa’
      • ‘His black streak of self-destruction will be the felix culpa of his ultimate redemption.’
      • ‘But there seems to be a felix culpa happening here as well.’


Latin, literally ‘happy fault’.


felix culpa

/ˌfiːlɪks ˈkʌlpə//ˌfeɪlɪks ˈkʊlpɑː/