Definition of feline in English:



  • 1Relating to or affecting cats or other members of the cat family.

    ‘feline leukaemia’
    • ‘Healthy rats - even those bred for hundreds of generations in the laboratory - show distinct anxiety around feline odors.’
    • ‘And Sam does not like cats so a family with feline pets would not be suitable.’
    • ‘The cat and the dog belong to different families: canine and feline.’
    • ‘To test cats for feline leukemia virus and immune deficiency virus, vets check for the presence of the virus itself, not the antibody levels.’
    • ‘Their front canine teeth are large and feline, perfect for grasping prey and slashing it open.’
    • ‘Humans have long imitated feline attributes and graces.’
    • ‘Your cat is currently vaccinated for distemper, rabies, feline leukemia and any other syndrome for which there is a form of prevention.’
    • ‘And the feline family ‘plays’ with its food before eating it, taunting and chasing their prey.’
    • ‘Having just recently lost a very favourite feline member of our household, the title caught my eye immediately.’
    • ‘My mother began to feed the neighborhood cats so that we developed a fair size feline family outside.’
    • ‘From the other side of the bushes, a powerful, feline shape emerged: a leopard.’
    • ‘My cat, being a fully paid-up member of the fastidious feline world, now refuses to eat anything else.’
    1. 1.1 Resembling or suggestive of a cat.
      ‘he moved with feline grace’
      • ‘Hitting the ground with feline grace, he propelled himself to the right, gaining some distance from his assailant and ending the first round of combat.’
      • ‘Unafraid and unhurried, the great black beast padded silently down the centre of the trail, not quite a cat but a fluid feline shape.’
      • ‘He realized that they were feline in shape almost like a cat, though much longer than any cat he had ever seen.’
      • ‘Her lithe body moved with an ethereal fluidity and feline grace.’
      • ‘Its design studio has to style cars with the sinuous, feline grace that defines the brand, while making sure new offerings look fresh.’
      • ‘At the masquerade party, my head was covered with a black skullcap with cute little feline ears.’
      • ‘It was a curious face, comely and yet feline, with a subtle suggestion of cruelty about the straight, strong little mouth and chubby jaw.’
      • ‘I had no points of reference, all I remember are androgynous, anonymous feline shapes emerging from barn doors.’
      • ‘Marc walked by me and leaned upon the mantle with his familiar feline grace that never ceased to impress me.’
      • ‘There were two eyes, oval in shape and quite feline in their appearance, riding above a long, thin, pointed nose.’
      • ‘My favorite shot in the film is near the end when the women are all hugging each other on the escalator, just acting with a sort of animal, feline grace.’
      • ‘He was a big man, yet stroked the ball with an almost feline grace.’
      • ‘The door opened to reveal Jade walking into my room with her feline grace.’
      • ‘She had four legs with large clawed paws beneath her white-furred feline shape.’
      • ‘Despite this, he was young and strong-looking, with a feline sort of grace.’
      • ‘A wad of linen is painstakingly molded into the precise shape of a feline nose.’
      catlike, leonine
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  • A cat or other member of the cat family.

    • ‘If you, like many people, consider your canine or feline to be simply another member of the family, you will have the peace-of-mind that they are well cared for!’
    • ‘Many of them have to be re-homed and, whilst it's less of a problem for the younger cats, many of the older felines get left behind.’
    • ‘But except for the Florida felines, as far as one can tell, wild cougars no longer live east of the Mississippi.’
    • ‘Perhaps people soon realized they could perhaps use the felines to control these pests.’
    • ‘She moved across the room with the grace of a feline, putting her hand on his chest when she reached him.’
    • ‘Concern over cat welfare and the rising number of feral felines came to a head at a summit last Thursday.’
    • ‘With a little love, work and patience, you can transform ferocious felines and despondent dogs into friends of the family.’
    • ‘Furry housepets - especially felines - have long been blamed for allergies and breathing problems in people.’
    • ‘For felines all over the world - from docile house cats to Bengal tigers - clawing is an essential characteristic of being a cat.’
    • ‘The conservancy believes feral felines should be removed permanently from the environment and taken to shelters.’
    • ‘The cats lounge about the garden, lazy felines basking under the warm sun.’
    • ‘She leapt back with all the grace of a feline, landing ever so lightly on her feet.’
    • ‘She specialized in felines; from the alley cat to the Siberian Tiger.’
    • ‘Large felines like the bobcat and lynx don't have this physical feature, but the cougar does.’
    • ‘These creatures had facial similarities with felines and canines, but matched none in build.’
    • ‘This means the feline faces a high risk of extinction in the wild in the medium-term future.’
    • ‘If it was good enough for the cat she'd had growing up the two pampered felines could deal with it too.’
    cat, domestic cat, wild cat, alley cat, kitten
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Late 17th century: from Latin felinus, from feles ‘cat’.