Definition of felicitously in English:



  • See felicitous

    • ‘The city is boisterous, its natives felicitously facetious, its commerce flourishing.’
    • ‘Forest and tundra are spaced so felicitously that, in fact, one can set up camp in either place without having to hike too far or too little on any given day.’
    • ‘It seems to be one of those pleasingly happy endings to a story that might have turned out far less felicitously, for although he may now be the benevolent patriarch, Gabriel has led a famously complicated personal life.’
    • ‘The scope and content of judicial review involves, at its core, an issue of what Chief Justice Gleeson has felicitously called ‘judicial legitimacy’.’
    • ‘The author has a sharp eye for a colourful image, felicitously conveying this with economy and engagement.’