Definition of feh in English:



  • (in Jewish use) conveying disapproval, displeasure, or disgust.

    ‘The greatest writer in the English language? Feh!’
    • ‘Roffman also offers a column from his mother with advice such as: ‘I say, feh!’’
    • ‘I don't have anything near the audience required to break a mock scandal and recently I've just been feeling pretty unloved in real life anyway so… feh, who cares?’
    • ‘All these brave new glassy places that say ‘the fee was negotiated in Euros’ - feh, I say!’
    • ‘Even though they deserve it, I decided to give them a break. feh.’
    • ‘You want to be alone, but you crave company… feh, make up your mind.’
    • ‘Now I'm just longing for it and the only version of the game I can find is a ‘collector's edition’ for US $80. Feh.’
    • ‘Then we stopped at the shop to investigate a few more items - feh!’