Definition of feelingly in English:



  • (of the expression of a feeling or opinion) in a heartfelt way.

    ‘‘Thank goodness,’ she said feelingly’
    • ‘Julia Helgewald describes feelingly, and with scholarship, the myriad uses, religious, ornamental and utilitarian, to which water has been put.’
    • ‘'The painter must be anonymous, a servant,' he says, feelingly.’
    • ‘Drama-school highs and lows are feelingly recalled.’
    • ‘Thus, though he advises against resisting superior force with force, he makes us feelingly understand why Doalty and Owen would do so.’
    • ‘It was he who so feelingly described the home in Pembridge Square.’
    • ‘For a reader who knows the primary sources, it is a rich pleasure to see Roman antiquity so thoroughly and feelingly brought back to life. Harris is very modern, very pagan, even raunchy at times, just as the Romans must have been.’
    • ‘A figure of intriguing, complex consciousness, he sees feelingly.’
    • ‘Colleagues have written feelingly of how, in 30 years of government service, Sanjivi always refused to put status above need.’
    • ‘But when the abuses are well documented and the issues feelingly articulated, they cannot be altogether extinguished.’
    • ‘The story of ordinary lives, perceptively and feelingly written, provides material as interesting as any I know.’
    • ‘He went on to say feelingly that the shooting was ‘one of the worst days of my life’.’
    • ‘Mr Reeves expressed his great pleasure and surprise at the gift, and feelingly thanked the donors for their present.’