Definition of feeder in English:



  • 1A person or animal that eats a particular food or in a particular manner:

    ‘a plankton feeder’
    • ‘Abundant terrestrial gastropods found clustered around fossil plant detritus may have been deposit feeders scavenging dry portions of channel floors.’
    • ‘The whale shark, the biggest fish on earth, is a plankton feeder and harmless to divers.’
    • ‘Despite being a member of the carp family, crucians are much more delicate feeders than their larger cousins.’
    • ‘All squids are highly predatory, they are big feeders on crustacean, fish.’
    • ‘Most ophiuroids are scavengers and detritus feeders, although they also prey on small live animals such as small crustaceans and worms.’
    • ‘As any angler will tell you, these fish are extremely opportunistic feeders and will take just about anything edible that they find.’
    • ‘Opportunistic feeders, sea lions will eat salmon, flatfish, herring, octopus, cod, pollock whatever they can catch.’
    • ‘Unlike most starfish which are actively carnivorous, it is thought to be a plankton feeder.’
    • ‘Isolated predators were no more vulnerable than herbivores or detritus feeders.’
    • ‘Mackerel are relatively indiscriminate plankton feeders and will take just about anything that they can fit into their mouths.’
    • ‘The fact that they are harmless plankton feeders in no way diminishes the adrenaline rush; the ease with which you can approach them makes that rare encounter even more exciting.’
    • ‘Cod are voracious feeders sometimes and will pick up a multitude of offerings in certain places and at various times of the season, so whatever you use, do make sure it is in the best possible condition.’
    • ‘These snakes are opportunistic feeders and never let a chance go by, so in went the second one.’
    • ‘Remember, wild trout remain opportunistic feeders and will have a go at anything which does not seem a threat and appears before them in considerable number.’
    • ‘Pike that are patrolling the margins of islands, for example, are not necessarily actively feeding, they could be opportunist feeders and might thereby snap up a well-positioned bait.’
    • ‘Sea bream have a reputation for being delicate feeders.’
    • ‘Bream are daytime feeders and are often missed by anglers in other parts of the country where night fishing is the norm.’
    • ‘They are an opportunist feeder; it just relies on you, the angler, to give them that opportunity.’
  • 2A container filled with food for birds or mammals.

    • ‘I always appreciate and enjoy the letters and notes you send along, as well as photos of birds at your feeders or perched in a tree.’
    • ‘You could build bird tables, nest boxes or bird feeders, plant some wildlife friendly plants, and put out food and water.’
    • ‘Hummingbirds often fly in to feeders just a few feet from them.’
    • ‘Bird feeders, and those that maintain them, play an invaluable role in the sustenance of countless birds otherwise threatened by dwindling habitat and resources.’
    • ‘The birds at my home are very active and I have house finches galore on my feeder.’
    • ‘My mother was in the background that afternoon, doing the brunch dishes and offering more coffee, weeding the garden and filling the bird feeder.’
    • ‘We once had a hummingbird feeder, but I guess we're too far north.’
    • ‘They are one of the most prevalent birds at our feeders, especially if we offer thistle seed.’
    • ‘Many of these birds turn to feeders only when they cannot find their own food.’
    • ‘Remove bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders, if bears are present.’
    • ‘The best thing to do when this occurs is remove finch feeders and thoroughly clean them.’
    • ‘Mother has a green house out there and there's an automated feeder for the deer who come into town foraging.’
    • ‘Some flocks may stay together through the breeding season as well, and birds will use bird feeders year round.’
    • ‘During this past long and drawn-out winter, watching the birds at our feeders was a daily pleasure.’
    • ‘The garden will include a weather station and compost bins, plus bird and animal feeders.’
    • ‘At each site, we additionally installed two feeders filled with a commercially sold mixture of seeds for captive birds.’
    • ‘Food for birds can be placed on a bird table, in feeders or on the ground.’
    • ‘Take over a bird feeder and keep it filled with birdseed.’
    • ‘I'm generally not a big fan of hummingbird feeders.’
    • ‘Squirrel feeders and other animal feeders are widely available.’
    manger, feeding container, feed box, feeder, fodder rack, crib
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    1. 2.1British A child's feeding bottle.
    2. 2.2British A bib for an infant.
    3. 2.3Fishing
      short for swimfeeder
      • ‘Both anglers used small groundbait feeders with maggot and pinkie for nets of small roach.’
      • ‘We used a variety of tactics ranging from the open-end feeder with bread to the stick float with maggots.’
      • ‘Fishing a groundbait feeder with chopped worm he fished redworm on the hook tempting small carp and tench.’
      • ‘I cast a small feeder in to settle just where the deep water shelves up.’
      • ‘There are situations however when a big bodied waggler can outscore the feeder.’
      • ‘The feeder is then baited by squeezing a ball of groundbait around it quite hard, and then you are ready to go.’
      • ‘Don't bother with blockend feeders, take just open enders with you as you will be using groundbait to plug the feeder containing chopped worms and casters.’
      • ‘He fished a groundbait feeder with maggot for eight roach and a solitary eel for 2lb 10 oz.’
      • ‘However flow rates were so slow that at times I did not use an open feeder.’
      • ‘Fishing a groundbait feeder with casters and red maggot he found lots of small fish for a winning 8lb 15 oz net.’
      • ‘Offering worm on the feeder, he took a bream plus a few small roach for 2lb 13 oz.’
      • ‘Fishing a caster feeder across to the moored boats opposite he netted skimmers and roach.’
      • ‘Fishing a cage feeder and baiting with lob worm tails, he managed to tempt a brace of bream, plus a few roach and eels, for his winning net of 12 lb.’
      • ‘Feeder fishing with a groundbait feeder and bread hook bait often produces good bags of bream from this section.’
      • ‘Fishing a caster feeder with worm he took his fish in the first two hours.’
      • ‘Fishing a groundbait feeder with corn on peg eight he netted five small carp and a solitary chub.’
      • ‘The chub and barbel often appear at night when they can be caught on legered meat baits or block-end feeders with maggots.’
      • ‘Now wind in until you judge the feeder lies exactly in the swim, noting how many turns of the reel handle it takes.’
      • ‘However I am writing for the average angler so a feeder with a single hook is a better option.’
      • ‘I prefer the groundbait feeder with bread in clear water, switching to the block end filled with maggots in coloured water.’
  • 3A person or thing that supplies something, in particular:

    • ‘Wings and quarterbacks must learn the cutter, feeder, and post position of the Shuffle.’
    • ‘In technical news, I added an updated RSS feeder from the good folks over at feedburner.’
    • ‘Feeding activity is monitored in a range of sessile filter feeders by direct observation of feeding structures.’
    • ‘The standard input capacity is 600-sheets (upgradeable to 1,600 sheets), and there's a 30-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) and an optional automatic duplexing accessory.’
    • ‘The intention of the project is also to provide a feeder service being piloted between Newcastle and Belfast via Translink.’
    • ‘Germany served as the largest feeder nation, the source of over 477,000 newcomers.’
    • ‘He ran a 1/2-inch-diameter feeder line from a spigot outside his house to the closest gutter downspout.’
    • ‘During the week, Jolly works as a UPS feeder driver out of Statesville, N.C.’
    • ‘Normally I will use a quiver feeder rod fitted with the lightest tip.’
    • ‘A modular design means you can easily snap on options such as duplex, extra paper trays and mailbox feeders.’
    • ‘Other parts of the crown include fibrous feeder roots and fleshy storage and water roots.’
    1. 3.1 A device supplying material to a machine:
      ‘the automatic sheet feeder holds up to 10 sheets of paper’
      • ‘It's also a noticeably faster process using the document feeder - even if just a series of one-page results are being scanned into different charts.’
      • ‘The question is all the more relevant since many of these devices also have a document feeder, a memory card reader, a color fax, etc.’
      • ‘Material entering the feeder becomes locked between the disks and is conveyed around to a discharge point as the spool rotates.’
      • ‘He didn't have to worry about checking the feeder's supply.’
      • ‘Many processors use a fruit feeder to add inclusions to the ice cream mix.’
      • ‘But it also has a 50-sheet paper feeder, a feature that usually comes on multifunction devices at a significantly higher cost.’
      • ‘The normal wire feeder and power supply used for aluminum welding will be suitable for welding magnesium.’
      • ‘At lunch time the engine driver and the mill feeder had their lunch first and then while the others ate their lunch the driver oiled up the machine.’
    2. 3.2 A tributary stream.
      • ‘And while proclaiming the best fishing spot is a sure way to start an argument in Minnesota, the river and its feeder streams are hard to beat for native trout.’
      • ‘That the river that runs through Mayobridge is a feeder to the Clanrye river that flows through Newry.’
      • ‘With the first big rain of the year, a torrent of mud, silt, and debris had swept down the feeder stream.’
      • ‘Even when his dad caught a nine-pound brown trout on a small feeder stream, it didn't cause much excitement around town.’
      • ‘I am aware that otters, an excellent indicator of good water quality, are returning to the feeder stream and the lake that Mr Dixon alleges is being poisoned.’
      • ‘She wondered why salmon were disappearing from the little creek behind her house, a feeder stream of the Columbia River.’
      • ‘I suppose it could have got in from the feeder stream.’
      headwater, branch, feeder, side stream
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    3. 3.3[usually as modifier] A branch road or railway line linking outlying districts with a main communication system.
      • ‘Senior officials stressed that the company confined itself to trunk services, and expected smaller regional or national carriers to provide feeder services on branch routes.’
      • ‘The main feeder line to Bangalore passes through this region and it will be tapped at a suitable point to bring water to a ground-level reservoir that is being constructed.’
      • ‘The potholed six-mile feeder road leading from the east-coast highway to Quilesse takes an hour to drive.’
      • ‘First introduced on the main feeder roads to Dublin, the turnpike system spread rapidly.’
      • ‘He said his ministry would grade all feeder roads in readiness for the marketing season.’
      • ‘With the new plan, travelling within the city promises to be a seamless journey designed around hubs which act as feeders to each other.’
      • ‘Chanda says agricultural production can be increased if rural infrastructure like feeder roads, dams and irrigation systems are improved.’
      • ‘Some contractors have been awarded contracts to rehabilitate feeder roads in rural areas while others have been engaged to undertake road works for major roads.’
      • ‘They are the main feeder routes into national roads.’
      • ‘These roads act as a main feeder road onto the Inner Ring Road with many commercial trucks and heavy goods vehicles using the road on a daily basis.’
      • ‘The island would come up on the tank between the railway line and the small feeder road (that connects the bypass road with Tiruchi Road).’
      • ‘They must be aware that this road is a main feeder road to the South Coast and many people use it to stop off at Marlborough.’
      • ‘Poor marketing systems, a poor feeder road network, inadequate extension services accessed by farmers and inadequate inputs have hampered agricultural development.’
      • ‘Railway operators provided feeder bus services for their passengers, and this put more pressure on minibus and taxi services.’
      • ‘He said in an interview yesterday that the government only worked on one main feeder road, leaving out those that linked farmers to the rest of the province.’
      • ‘Monorail is a decent feeder system and should be used in conjunction with the bus system.’
      • ‘He said the city administration should continue with plans to develop 15 busway corridors across the city, as well as feeder lines.’
      • ‘The massive subsidies presently sunk in state road transport undertakings should be released for improving the network of State highways and rural feeder roads.’
      • ‘It most certainly is not an additional feeder lane onto the main carriageway.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, a road contractor who was engaged to rehabilitate the feeder road is reported to have abandoned the project.’
    4. 3.4 A main carrying electricity to a distribution point.
      • ‘He said after the demand for irrigation of paddy crop was met in the next couple of days, normal power supply to urban feeders would be restored.’
      • ‘And work has started on a new $250,000 feeder to upgrade electricity supplies to the southern end of the Central business district.’
      • ‘Sources said the earthing wire on the cable carrying power from the power supply feeder snapped this morning.’
      • ‘Stay on the line if you want to report a fallen powerline or live on a rural feeder and have lost power supply.’
      • ‘The two feeders supplying the town with power transmit through the diesel generation station at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Front Street.’
    5. 3.5[usually as modifier] A school, sports team, etc. from which members move on to one more advanced:
      ‘a sixth-form college and its feeder schools’
      • ‘Work is due to start on-site in January and the new primary school, which will be one of the feeder schools for the academy, will open next September.’
      • ‘The four targeted schools educate kindergarten up to Grade 4 students and are feeder schools to larger elementary schools.’
      • ‘I didn't remember him from middle school and yeah, he could be from a different school, but how many feeder schools did my high school have?’
      • ‘It's moving toward becoming a feeder league, like, for instance, Uruguay - but without the big crowds.’
      • ‘Firstly, it will engage pupils from our own school, and from feeder primaries, in active citizenship work in their local community.’
      • ‘But if lots of clubs leave the feeder leagues then those competitions will be devalued.’
      • ‘Having said that, in the United States, with its college feeder system and supporters who are not bound to a team at birth, the system works.’
      • ‘The award is also a boost for the high school's four primary feeder schools, St Andrews, St Chads, St Johns, Clifton, and Withinfields.’
      • ‘And I think a lot of clubs in the feeder league feel the same.’
      • ‘St Mary's Secondary School in Ballina is one of the leading university feeder schools in the county according to recently published league tables.’
      • ‘Another idea being floated is that domestic competitions would act as feeder leagues in the new set-up, with annual relegation and promotion play-offs.’
      • ‘Professional soccer needs to set up a system much like major league baseball's farm teams, feeder clubs from which local heroes can create a fan base as they move up the ladder.’
      • ‘The association's aim is to provide coaching support for teachers at Ilkley Grammar School and its feeder primary schools to make competitive rugby more widely available to young people in the community.’
      • ‘‘We didn't have the advantage of coming up through a feeder system like men do,’ Luke remarks.’
      • ‘The youths are, inevitably, a feeder team for the adult side - hence the attention being devoted to them.’
      • ‘We will have to enter into discussions with those feeder leagues after the meeting of chairmen from our league next Thursday.’
      • ‘I would prefer that we owned our own identity and that we weren't perceived by the players and public as a feeder team to the greater cause.’
      • ‘In my view there seem to be umpteen benefits for bigger clubs having feeder teams.’
      • ‘This striker comes from Liverpool's unofficial feeder club.’