Definition of feed box in English:

feed box


  • An open container in which food for animals is placed.

    ‘he keeps a mineral block in the feed box for the calves to lick’
    • ‘The emigrant wagon often carried a feed box.’
    • ‘The trust urged people to fill birdbaths and feed boxes to help blackbirds, thrushes and young starlings, which are struggling to find earthworms that have burrowed deep into the dry earth.’
    • ‘Day 4: Adjust Goat Milking Stand so goat's skinny little head will not retreat from feed box out through the stocks.’
    • ‘The stanchion features an adjustable seat for the milker, a platform to raise the goat to a comfortable height and a feed box to keep her content while you milk.’
    • ‘Each stall has a feed box that can be preset for the exact amount of feed an animal is to receive each day, and a constant supply of clean water.’