Definition of fee farm in English:

fee farm


  • 1An estate or land held in fee simple subject to a perpetual fixed rent.

    • ‘On the other hand, accountability for the fee farm was transferred to new officers - two city sheriffs (a reflection of the city's new county status) - who were otherwise subordinate to the mayor.’
    • ‘Ipswich's 1200 charter specified that two men be elected to govern the town, yet it included the standard phrase granting that the town answer for the fee farm by the hand of its prepositus.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The tenure of a fee farm or farms.
      • ‘Historians have debated whether grant of fee farm automatically involved the right of the burgesses to elect their own officer to take responsibility for collecting the farm and accounting for it at the Exchequer.’
    2. 1.2mass noun The rent paid for the tenure of a fee farm or farms.
      • ‘In 1208, the king leased to the town (in return for a fee farm of £55) its first powers of self-administration.’
      • ‘In 1446, Maldon's fee farm was being paid to the Bishop of London and to Robert Darcy esq., who had apparently taken over the FitzWalter lordship, although the FitzWalters continued to own property there.’
      • ‘Twiss' edition of the custumal added, after the 83 chapters, a list of fees payable to porters of merchandize and extensive lists of tolls due on merchandize sold in the various town markets - these tolls being part of the fee farm.’
      • ‘This grant of 1403, which the king subsequently endorsed, gave to the community of Maldon, in exchange for a fee farm of £6.13s.4d, the following properties, jurisdictions, and revenues.’