Definition of fee-paying in English:



  • 1(of a school or similar institution) charging fees for continuing services.

    ‘many families were making sacrifices to send children to fee-paying schools’
    • ‘He taught at Swansea Grammar School, a middle-class fee-paying establishment, for thirty-six years.’
    • ‘A parent has withdrawn his son from one of the country's leading fee-paying colleges because of alleged bullying.’
    • ‘An ancient Irish monastery and a fee-paying Leinster boarding school have been included in a list of the world's 100 most endangered heritage sites.’
    • ‘It is not a fee-paying private school.’
    • ‘In fee-paying schools, almost all students come from a family background where there is a great deal of emphasis on achievement and good citizenship.’
    • ‘Of the top 10 schools sending students to colleges last year, nine were fee-paying.’
    • ‘You will almost certainly optimise your child's chances of being successful if he or she has attended a fee-paying school.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that fee-paying schools will provide children with contacts which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.’
    • ‘There are more than 50 fee-paying secondary schools in Ireland, according to the Department of Education.’
    • ‘Many second level schools in the posh, fee-paying sector and in the ordinary, free sector are well equipped and are staffed by trained, well-qualified teachers.’
    • ‘I went to a fee-paying day school.’
    • ‘The Institute is the most expensive of the fee-paying repeat schools.’
    • ‘There is a range of attractions across the island, some public and free, some private and fee-paying, some private but available for viewing by arrangement.’
    • ‘Our old school, like many fee-paying establishments, has devised a way of reconnecting with its old pupils as they approach the stage in life when there would be some point in touching them for a donation to one of its projects.’
    • ‘Revelations that some schools are performing better than expected might halt the drift towards fee-paying grind schools.’
    • ‘As if out of frustration, most local authorities even sold off public lavatories which are now operating as fee-paying facilities.’
    • ‘The Heritage Park is situated approximately a mile from Peatland World and is a community-run fee-paying visitor attraction.’
    • ‘His move in 1982 from Gonzaga, a fee-paying all-boys school, to Crescent, a mixed, free and comprehensive school, was something he found dramatic.’
    • ‘He was born in east London and was educated at the fee-paying Forest School and the prestigious London School of Economics.’
    • ‘Most fee-paying schools have an open day.’
    private, public, non-state-controlled, non-state-run, non-public, private-sector, private-enterprise, commercial
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    1. 1.1 Required to pay a fee or fees for a service.
      ‘fee-paying students’
      ‘fee-paying patients’
      • ‘Belborough had been forced to open Winkstead Hall to the fee-paying public.’
      • ‘A significant proportion of the university's international fee-paying students hail from Indonesia.’
      • ‘Latin, Greek and Japanese lessons have, until recently, been the preserve of a minority of fee-paying pupils.’
      • ‘Because their mission is the narrow one of providing useful information to fee-paying readers, the focus of editors is intense.’
      • ‘The customer did not have a support contract and I was fully booked for the day with callouts from fee-paying customers.’
      • ‘Fee-paying members may look at financial records at any time.’
      • ‘Most were fee-paying and came from well-to-do backgrounds.’
      • ‘Some enterprising grammar schools, such as Rugby, combined a changing ethos with a more commercialized approach to attracting pupils, by taking on fee-paying boarders.’
      • ‘The standard is not up to what can rightly be expected by a fee-paying audience.’
      • ‘In 1999 there had been 5044 fee-paying international students at secondary level, most from Asia.’
      • ‘Abroad, the competition for foreign fee-paying students is tough.’
      • ‘A diverse and fee-paying student population reinforces the imperative for effective communication.’
      • ‘Students in this global market are increasingly likely to be fee-paying consumers.’
      • ‘The 'lookers on', now transformed into a sophisticated, fee-paying audience, could make or break the actors' fortunes with their verdict on the performance.’
      • ‘She was designed to cruise icy waters carrying a mix of scientists and fee-paying passengers.’
      • ‘The service, which aims to recruit students exclusively from Oxford and Cambridge as escorts for fee-paying clients, was launched last week.’
      • ‘Any results from fee-paying customers are clearly labelled "featured" or "partner" sites.’
      • ‘University foundation-year courses - the first year for many fee-paying international students - are losing numbers at a drastic rate.’
      • ‘Many climbers, including Hillary and the legendary Reinhold Messner, have mourned the disrepute brought on Everest by some fee-paying guided groups.’
      • ‘Fee-paying children tended to be the sons and daughters of parents who felt that having a child at school in Devon (while they lived in Yorkshire) was nearly as good as having no children at all.’