Definition of featureless in English:



  • Lacking distinctive attributes or aspects.

    ‘a featureless landscape of snow and ice’
    • ‘It is a hot, dusty town on the flat, featureless central Texas plain.’
    • ‘The nighttime mission was over featureless landscape that provided minimal visual markers.’
    • ‘Some of the surface was smooth and featureless, indicating a process of filling in as with blowing, drifting sands.’
    • ‘The site lies in the city's industrial belt, surrounded by featureless new apartment blocks.’
    • ‘While the desert can seem featureless to some, the land's owners had already identified the best views for their future home.’
    • ‘Lying in his featureless bedroom he hears a call come in on his answering machine.’
    • ‘Two men stand side by side in front of a featureless, white background.’
    • ‘The main character is a 42-year-old marriage counsellor whose life has become drab and featureless.’
    • ‘The walk should be reserved for a clear day as much of the high ground is relatively featureless and there is always the danger of straying too near the steep cliffs.’
    • ‘It shows featureless grey sky above almost featureless green steppe, which stretches right out to a distant, dead level horizon.’