Definition of feature-complete in English:



  • Denoting a version of a piece of software having all the functionality intended for the final version but requiring some improvements and fixes before release.

    ‘a feature-complete Beta 3 of Windows 2000 is due later this quarter’
    • ‘But that's the nature of beta releases; they're rarely feature-complete.’
    • ‘My only caveat to this is that although Webmin is well organized and feature-complete, it is not for absolute beginners.’
    • ‘It's fairly feature-complete, so if you want to limit what your users can do, you have to turn the menu and toolbars off completely.’
    • ‘Although not feature-complete, it is commendably stable and particularly impressive in terms of the time it takes to start from cold - no time at all, in fact.’
    • ‘Almost all of their apps are pretty much feature complete.’