Definition of feathered in English:



  • 1(of a bird) covered with feathers.

    in combination ‘black-feathered ostriches’
    • ‘Not feathered bird wings, but scaled, strong wings.’
    • ‘Lightly feathered dromaeosaurs might have relied on wings for help in climbing steep slopes and even entering trees, just as extant galliform birds do.’
    • ‘Birds - the feathered descendants of the dinosaurs - fascinate her.’
    • ‘Conventional feathered chickens often died of heat in such enclosures.’
    • ‘In a French supermarket he visited, chickens still retained their feathered heads.’
    • ‘They were not the feathered wings of a bird or the leathery ones of a bat, but something in-between, sharing the features of both.’
    • ‘Mr Wood, who had a heart attack, was a huge fan of the pub's game feast and regularly supplied lots of feathered fowl and poultry to the kitchen to help raise funds.’
    • ‘Is it your sense that these feathered dinosaurs are more closely related, to say the crane or the Dodo bird?’
    • ‘Through the sack poked two red wings; one was a leathery bat-like wing, the other was a feathered red wing that could have derived from a bird.’
    • ‘They were taught how to identify different birds and their habitat, methods of bird control, use of bird distress calls and how to disperse the feathered visitors using scaring techniques.’
    • ‘This page covers the first dinosaurs that we would clearly recognize as birds: feathered creatures who flew.’
    • ‘Four wings were better than two for the earliest birds, which became airborne by spreading both their feathered arms and legs, a new study says.’
    • ‘He suggested recently that flight arose from arm movements intended to push a bird (or a feathered dinosaur) into the ground rather than lift it up.’
    • ‘I love catching a glimpse of the unexpected flower growing through cracks in a sidewalk, or the furry and feathered critters dodging us humans in their quest for food and shelter.’
    1. 1.1 Decorated with feathers.
      ‘a feathered hat’
      • ‘He was dressed in finer clothes than the rest of them, and wore a feathered hat.’
      • ‘The guard was silver and resembled the feathered wings of a bird, only much thinner and made from metal.’
      • ‘It includes an ornate woven cape, a decorated tunic, a feathered headdress, laced shoes and jewelry.’
      • ‘The exhibition includes hats worn at these events, including the feathered hat worn at the christening of Prince William in 1982.’
      • ‘Touring with them is a joy, and on stage they wear all their feathered hats and warpaint and traditional clothes.’
      • ‘Perhaps it could have been the coy way that she covered herself with those feathered appendages I normally took for granted.’
      • ‘Their faces are covered with feathered masks similar to North American Indian headdresses.’
      • ‘He looked quite dashing in knee-high boots, maroon pants and vest, and a clean white shirt, with a feathered hat to top it all off.’
      • ‘He firmly planted his feathered hat on his head and pulled his red jacket on before leaving his cabin to find Wesley.’
      • ‘Then, a man walked in, carrying a feathered hat under his shoulder.’
      • ‘An elite group of warriors, the Dogs wore their feathered hats depicting their status as the bravest of the brave, men who pinned their sashes to the earth and stood their ground in battle, even to the death.’
      • ‘The rest of the party consists of two groups of men in full formal dress - feathered hats, swords, fluffy neckties and sleeves, and shiny buckle shoes.’
      plumed, plumy
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