Definition of feather stitch in English:

feather stitch


mass noun
  • Ornamental zigzag sewing.

    • ‘Feather Stitch is a little more advanced than some of the stitches we've been doing but I think you guys can handle it.’
    • ‘The most effective stitches are tri-motion straight, zigzag and decorative stitches such as cross and feather stitches.’
    • ‘She would add feather stitch embroidery to the neckline of the plain housedresses she bought.’


[with object]usually as noun feather-stitching
  • Sew (something) using feather stitch.

    • ‘Feather stitching, in this example, is used in an eighth-inch space between eighth-inch tucks.’
    • ‘You can vary the tension and the width of the stitches to create different effects, just as in Feather Stitching on plain fabric.’