Definition of feather edge in English:

feather edge


  • A fine edge produced by tapering a board, plank, or other object.

    • ‘A planar-laminated silty dolostone was regarded as a thin or condensed ‘Winchell Creek Siltstone’ near the western feather edge of the member.’
    • ‘As fall and winter progress, the feather edges wear away, revealing a spring surprise!’
    • ‘The distal front of a namakier advances like a lava flow or a caterpillar tank-track (and retreats as a dissolving feather edge).’
    • ‘The root face is obtained by grinding the feather edge to provide a small root face.’
    • ‘Apply pressure on the outer edge of the knife as you draw the tool across the surface to form a thin, ‘feather edge‘of compound.’