Definition of feather-headed in English:



  • (of a person) disorganized and foolish.

    ‘they think that because I am pretty, I'm shallow and feather-headed’
    • ‘"Do any of your readers remember an ageing, brightly dressed, feather-headed racehorse tipster called Prince Monolulu?"’
    • ‘"She'll think we are feather-headed fools!"’
    • ‘John Mooney and Laura Wynne as Bill and Sally gelled perfectly and oozed confidence from the outset while Mary Flaherty fizzled as the feather-headed fortune spotter, Lady Jaqueline.’
    • ‘Maria Beadnell is immortalized in two portraits in Dickens's fiction: as the pretty feather-headed Dora of David Copperfield (1850), who dies young; and as the fat, fatuous, garrulous, middle-aged Flora Finching of Little Dorrit (1857).’
    • ‘Capricious and feather-headed she pursued charity to the point of recklessness.’
    • ‘It's now impossible to address the working-class audience in these lunatic terms unless you're happy to confine your audience to the most light-brained and feather-headed section of the population who aren't really newspaper readers at all in one sense.’
    • ‘Reluctant to ever trust her heart again, she should be capable of wreaking some havoc on the residents of Downton, particularly, one hopes, her feather-headed flapper of a cousin, who may insist that the action, at least occasionally, be moved to Roaring '20s London.’