Definition of feast one's eyes on in English:

feast one's eyes on


  • Gaze at with pleasure.

    • ‘Marie helped me up, and we feasted our eyes on how big it was.’
    • ‘There was almost a riot outside the emperor's throne in the Forbidden City: none of the elderly Chinese tourists wanted to miss the chance of feasting their eyes on that lavish golden sight.’
    • ‘We found ourselves running round the museum as closing time approached, trying to feast our eyes on as many of the archaeological treasurers as possible, devouring every ancient tale and fable.’
    • ‘This event is being shared by over 40 countries and here in Sligo the line up is one to feast your eyes on.’
    • ‘There was so much to feast the eyes, and stomach, on.’
    • ‘We sat in the second half of the restaurant munching on warm bread and butter while we feasted our eyes on the menu.’
    • ‘As we travelled through the country on good highways to the Baltic Sea we feasted our eyes on rich farmland and well kept farm homes.’
    • ‘Those gathered for the event feasted their eyes on the works of art produced by these children displayed at the pizzeria.’
    • ‘There is a tea room for drinks and snacks and you can even feast your eyes on some of the displays set out there too.’
    • ‘So you enter the exhibition through a scrap metal maze and exit via a talking house - and in between, you can feast your eyes on all the fantastic art that can be made out of metal, paper and plastic.’
    observe, view, look at, eye, gaze at, stare at, gape at, peer at
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