Definition of feasibility in English:



  • [mass noun] The state or degree of being easily or conveniently done.

    ‘the feasibility of screening athletes for cardiac disease’
    • ‘Some residents even wrote to the mayor directly about their disagreement and doubt of its feasibility.’
    • ‘The court must address the practical feasibility of such a judicially imposed arrangement.’
    • ‘We reviewed several scenarios to determine the merit and feasibility of our plan.’
    • ‘It could, for instance, contribute to the cost of evaluating the project's feasibility.’
    • ‘Few would dispute the intent behind such an offer, but what matters is its feasibility.’
    • ‘Mr Velu said two Japanese companies have been commissioned to study the projects' feasibility.’
    • ‘The plans are judged on various criteria, including feasibility, originality and finance.’
    • ‘Lee's suggestion triggered a lot of controversy, including questions about its feasibility.’
    • ‘He has appointed a commission to investigate its feasibility.’
    • ‘A decent bus service is the least local citizens should expect, and this should not depend on commercial feasibility.’
    • ‘This is not the first trial to be discontinued for reasons unrelated to efficacy, safety, or feasibility.’
    • ‘The council is investigating a small number of sites to determine their feasibility for wind generation.’
    • ‘So does that mean that climate engineering is beyond the realm of political feasibility?’
    • ‘The feasibility of an afternoon delivery slot is also being examined.’
    • ‘As with community policing, the question marks are over not the desirability of the approach but its feasibility.’
    • ‘So the economic feasibility is negligible and the political benefit is likewise close to zero.’
    • ‘A working party has been set up by the association to examine feasibility.’
    • ‘The economic and engineering feasibility of these projects is yet to be determined.’
    • ‘The basic feasibility of this has already been demonstrated in animals.’
    • ‘However, the proposal was met with criticisms about technical feasibility and the issue of privacy.’
    practicability, practicality, workability, workableness, viability, achievability, attainability, reasonableness, sensibleness
    usefulness, suitability, expedience, helpfulness, constructiveness, use, utility, value
    possibility, likelihood, likeliness, chance, conceivability
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