Definition of favourable in English:


(US favorable)


  • 1Expressing approval.

    ‘the exhibitions received favourable reviews’
    • ‘I think I even read a favourable review in FT Magazine.’
    • ‘Amazingly, this rookie has amassed more favourable and even rave reviews than I can stretch my mind to believe.’
    • ‘A coming-of-age romance set during the First World War and its aftermath, it garnered favourable reviews and won the prestigious John Llewelyn Prize.’
    • ‘Members of the board of management were over-whelmed by the enthusiasm and favourable comments expressed by so many visitors.’
    • ‘It received numerous favourable reviews in newspapers and magazines all over the world, not least for her quality product, her warmth and friendliness and her keen prices.’
    • ‘And, once again, many of the reviews were favourable.’
    • ‘The ad had reached enough viewers to make a favorable impression across the district.’
    • ‘Furthermore, overall attitudes toward such policies are becoming increasingly favorable.’
    • ‘I wrote a favourable review of this in the Bulletin in 1969.’
    • ‘If the film received favorable reviews on initial release, that praise paled in comparison to word-of-mouth buzz following a real nuclear accident.’
    • ‘The game has been met with generally favorable reviews, although I was a bit disappointed.’
    • ‘Let's say one out of fifty goes online and writes a favorable review.’
    • ‘He is in the fourth week of the tour, receiving favourable reviews since opening in Blackpool.’
    • ‘Between them they garnered some favourable reviews.’
    • ‘They have taken out expensive adverts in the trade press, complete with favourable reviews.’
    • ‘That is why I think it hasn't got favourable reviews here, because something gets lost in the translation.’
    • ‘While I have a generally favorable impression of the book, I do have a couple of complaints.’
    • ‘I thought I gave the book a pretty favorable review, and I certainly think it's worth reading.’
    • ‘Favorable reviews often echoed the same shortcomings while forgiving them for other reasons.’
    • ‘Presumably this review is the most favourable, in a prestigious journal, that the publisher could find.’
    approving, commendatory, commending, praising, complimentary, flattering, glowing, appreciative, enthusiastic
    positive, affirmative, assenting, agreeing, concurring, approving, in the affirmative
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    1. 1.1 Giving consent.
      ‘their demands rarely received a favourable response’
      • ‘We can wait for a favourable response from the GAA in the next two weeks.’
      • ‘There was a very favourable response to the laying of the kerbs in the village, the enhancement of the graveyard, the opening of the Carn walk and wall building on the approach roads.’
      • ‘The fund, which is currently operational, has received a favourable response.’
      • ‘There has been a favourable response but there is room for improvement all the time.’
      • ‘If he had bothered to ask I am sure he would have got a favourable response.’
      • ‘She and her fellow campaigners met with Wiltshire County Council officials last week and met with a favourable response.’
      • ‘She said there was an offer on the table from the health board to go to arbitration on the issue and they were waiting for the TEEU to give a favourable response.’
      • ‘The proposal to replace Greenfoot with the extra care facility has met with a favourable response in Settle.’
      • ‘Plans to revive traditional shire county names has received a favourable response in Westmorland.’
      • ‘There has already been a favourable response to the proposals from local people.’
      • ‘His demand for a €14 hike in social welfare payments got a favourable response.’
      • ‘But Leeds City Council planners, who will have the final say, have already given a favourable response to the main thrust of the scheme.’
      • ‘Overall, the response was favourable with many Waterford people believing that charging for plastic bags will significantly reduce the numbers used.’
      • ‘Anyone wanting to reproduce one of my poems will almost always get a speedy and favourable response to an inquiry.’
      • ‘‘We feel enough is happening within the club to justify a forum and I do believe we will get a favourable response,’ he said.’
      • ‘We've had a very favourable response from customers.’
      • ‘She assured the town that the Allied Arts Council would be responsible for raising the extra funds needed for the project and they received a favourable response from council’
      • ‘And in another boost to Land Securities' hopes of winning permission this time round, ordinary members of the public have given a generally favourable response to the scheme.’
  • 2To the advantage of someone or something.

    ‘favourable conditions for vegetation growth’
    ‘the settlement was favourable to the unions’
    • ‘Several conditions were favourable to the use of underground tactics.’
    • ‘The formation of biofilms makes conditions more favorable for bacterial persistence in the lungs.’
    • ‘Environmental conditions in the US are expected to be very favorable for rust development.’
    • ‘Without this favorable environment, transformational activities would have been more difficult to undertake.’
    • ‘Only in the far east were conditions different and more favourable to battle.’
    • ‘He suggested the focus should rather be placed on publishing monthly unemployment figures and on creating conditions favourable to the growth of the first economy.’
    • ‘Conditions at the time were favourable to his securing political independence.’
    • ‘We postulate that past experience can lead us to the identification of initial conditions favorable to crystallization.’
    • ‘Warm conditions similarly are highly favorable to the evolution of high performance.’
    • ‘A favorable climate of legislation, regulation, and taxation will foster such development.’
    • ‘It is likely to be most convenient, and the general conditions there are most favorable to the bulbs at this stage of their existence.’
    • ‘The 1960s brought up new environmental concerns that created a climate favorable to development of alternative fuels.’
    • ‘Changing political and social conditions both helped to shape ideas and to create conditions favourable to their development.’
    • ‘Perhaps in ideally favorable environments most genotypes yield more or less the same phenotype.’
    • ‘When conditions becomes favorable for rust development, the inoculum is always available.’
    • ‘For collective bargaining to have a real point, it must achieve wage rates and non-wage conditions more favourable to the employees than the customary rate.’
    • ‘That is, the fungal spores find a home in the garden by locating environmental conditions favorable to their reproduction and infestation.’
    • ‘Old, mature fig trees can grow at least 40 feet tall in favorable climates.’
    • ‘They can be designed and directed to influence the will of foreign leadership to create conditions favorable to any country's strategic aims or objectives.’
    • ‘Seeds of some species do not germinate when placed under conditions normally regarded as favourable to germination and are said to be dormant.’
    • ‘A less stringent criterion is whether a certain type of mutation occurs more often under conditions favorable to the survival of the resulting mutants.’
    advantageous, beneficial, of benefit, in one's favour, on one's side, helpful, good, right, conducive, convenient, suitable, fit, fitting, appropriate
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    1. 2.1 (of a wind) blowing in the direction of travel.
      ‘by sailing towards the land first you will find more favourable wind’
      • ‘A favourable wind blowing from the Great Mountains in the west caught the little boat's sail as she moved away from the quayside at Bhuin.’
      • ‘Most slave ships sailed between August and October, when the winds were favourable.’
      • ‘Dragonflies that migrate appear to build up fat reserves, wait for favorable winds, take rest breaks, and reorient themselves when they lose their way, according to the study.’
      • ‘And so they traveled north with the current and favorable winds of the season.’
      • ‘Eager to attack Troy, Agamemnon kills her, and the Greeks are given favorable winds for their ships.’
      • ‘He tells her that he was a host for him for twelve days until the wind was favorable again.’
      • ‘When the wind was in a favourable direction, chlorine gas was released from the British front line so that it could drift over to the German front line.’
      • ‘The wind was already blowing in a favorable direction so it took only the barest hint of his power to begin his glide.’
      • ‘This especially is true under a favorable wind.’
      • ‘The record breaking flight is expected to take place in April, but could be put back to October depending on test flights and favourable winds.’
      • ‘They could not have sailed without a favourable wind.’
      • ‘There they await favorable winds and temperatures before crossing Lake Erie and continuing on to overwinter sites in Mexico.’
      • ‘It was propelled by oars in battle, and carried sails for use in favourable winds.’
      • ‘This year, there were favorable winds nearly all the time.’
      • ‘Over the months, William's army was rigorously disciplined and trained before being ready to sail for England, but they had to wait until September before having a favourable wind.’
      • ‘If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.’
      • ‘Even in the harbor they were raising sails that caught a favorable wind.’
      • ‘On its long Atlantic voyage, the armada made good progress with favourable winds filling the sails.’
      • ‘A big storm is just blowing out, creating more favorable winds.’
      • ‘The winds were favorable, and the only obstacle on approach or departure was a 10-foot-high barbed-wire fence surrounding the site.’
    2. 2.2 (of weather, or a period of time judged in terms of its weather) fine.
      ‘a very favourable, sometimes glorious, October’
      • ‘Experts are already predicting one of the best seasons ever for anglers, thanks to bumper stocks and favourable weather.’
      • ‘The board is hoping for favourable weather and another big attendance.’
      • ‘Once again, the weather was favourable, and again a lot of litter was removed, greatly improving the amenity value of the river.’
      • ‘A committed group of people turns out annually and hopefully if the weather is favourable on Sunday next we'll see a good number of walkers to keep up this long tradition.’
      • ‘As the weather was favourable, the first port of call was Carramore beach.’
      • ‘Those two factors, and the generally favourable weather, played a big part in making the meeting the success it was.’
      • ‘But playing summer soccer in a strong Gaelic football county is not designed to win big crowds, although the players are happy to play in favourable weather and on good surfaces.’
      • ‘The coyote was sleek and healthy, a reflection of the plenitude provided by months of favorable weather.’
      • ‘If the weather is favourable there will be a barbecue but if not there will be activities inside the community centre.’
      • ‘Even in winter, as long as the weather was favourable, you could still fish.’
      • ‘During periods of favorable weather, the summer surf occasionally ‘greens up’ with offshore currents of shocking clarity.’
      • ‘Will this be a good year with favorable weather for a change?’
      • ‘Plantings in Donegal are ahead of elsewhere in the country, due to more favourable weather in the region over the last two months.’
      • ‘The weather was favourable on Friday and Saturday.’
      • ‘This year, good rains and favorable weather have the habitat in the parkland looking better than it has in more than a decade, Sharp said.’
      • ‘"We are looking to put it right as soon as the weather is favourable, " she said.’
      • ‘The bigger the gap between rings, the better the growth, and the likelier that the weather that year was favourable.’
      • ‘The recent one day trip to Ballintubber Abbey and Church Island by a group from the parish was blessed with favourable weather.’
      • ‘It depends on both a suitable slot and favourable weather.’
      • ‘And, providing the weather is favourable, the delegation will also be able to sample the sandy beaches of Bundoran during the week.’
    3. 2.3 Suggesting a good outcome.
      ‘a favourable prognosis’
      • ‘From this we can predict favourable and unfavourable outcomes.’
      • ‘A favourable outcome would allow us to begin in September and the project would take two years to complete.’
      • ‘Of course the loss of one life is too many, but it would perhaps have been unrealistic to wish for quite such a favourable outcome.’
      • ‘Often it seemed that his teachers were not well placed to contain and divert this student's behavior toward more favorable outcomes.’
      • ‘Solutions will require both national measures as well as a determined effort by Government to secure the favourable outcome to EU negotiations.’
      • ‘A more favourable outcome is anticipated tomorrow.’
      • ‘Future international cases, where the defendants hail from less liberal countries and do not have the benefit of a constitution, might not have such a favourable outcome.’
      • ‘On a personal level, the fact that your opponents just happen to be your former employers merely helps to strengthen your resolve and your determination to procure a favourable outcome.’
      • ‘The possibility of a favourable outcome to such an enterprise reaches the vanishing point.’
      • ‘A win is the most favourable outcome for them, a draw may or may not allow them to proceed.’
      • ‘After all said and done, it was a friendly match with a favorable outcome for all, especially with the addition of a few amber colored refreshments.’
      • ‘May we take this opportunity to extend our very best wishes for a favourable outcome in the replay on Saturday last.’
      • ‘Sadly, both of these groups are biased and are only after one outcome - a favourable one to whoever is sponsoring the work.’
      • ‘Not even the debate's ground in reality can be agreed upon - let alone what would constitute a favourable outcome for most parties.’
      • ‘Most have already been consulted on the scheme and have indicated a favourable outcome.’
      • ‘A hawan is a priestly ceremony in the Hindu tradition, whose purpose here would be to give thanks to the gods for the boy's favorable outcome in the national competitive exams.’
      • ‘So thanks to you all once again for all your help and hopefully we will have a favourable outcome in a few weeks time.’
      • ‘If people want a claim investigated they're going to have to be sure of a favourable outcome.’
      • ‘As it stands it's a weak prosecution case, the matter will be vigorously defended, and I'm very confident of a favourable outcome.’
      • ‘Indeed, there's a favourable outcome - Dolly seems to have decided that sleeping on the kitchen counter really isn't a good idea after all and has decamped to a corner of the bathroom.’


Middle English: via Old French from Latin favorabilis, from favor (see favour).