Definition of fave in English:


(also fav)

adjective & noun

  • as noun ‘a playlist of classic disco faves’
    short for favourite
    as adjective ‘my fave team has to be Nottingham Forest’
    ‘she rattles off the names of her fav celebs’
    • ‘This is one of my faves, dealing with a haunted young man yearning to return to a mysterious ruined beach-front castle, where a beautiful girl in white cared for him one night in his youth.’
    • ‘They offered over a hundred daily comic strips and once you'd set up a free account, one single URL would bring up all of your faves on one page.’
    • ‘The language of the hymn held a subversive appeal for the working classes, and her ribald treatments of these school assembly faves is irresistible.’
    • ‘Being a music junkie from birth, I've been blessed to either witness or hear performances by some very special male vocalists, accumulating faves along the way.’
    • ‘I find the following in an interview with a fave celebrity crush to be a turn-on.’
    • ‘Seriously, this is one of my top ten all time faves.’
    • ‘Years ago, afforded the opportunity to read long runs of classic funnypage faves, I found some were readable and some were not.’
    • ‘‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘Old Brown Shoe’ were a couple of my faves.’
    • ‘‘Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man’ is one of my personal faves: the agony is actually palpable.’
    • ‘But if you look to the links section on the homepage sidebar you'll see a link for my ‘personal faves’ section, which has a dozen or so of my sentimental faves.’
    • ‘He's coming back to the mother country armed with lots of new songs as well as a bunch of old crowd faves.’
    • ‘The menu changes weekly, but you can expect unexpected combinations and traditional faves, with prices hovering around the #2.95 mark.’
    • ‘I applaud his continued enthusiasm for loud, guitar-based rock music, and hope he continues to champion his faves.’
    • ‘In our yearly bid to help you along with your office or party Oscar pool, here are the odds-on faves in the official categories, at least according to our readers.’
    • ‘A screen showed some odd home movies and clips while the Beasties disappeared again, only to re-emerge in orange tracksuits to play another huge bracket of old and new faves.’
    • ‘My personal faves were anything with the RKO radio picture symbol at the start.’
    • ‘I've trawled through all the usual faves.’