Definition of faute de mieux in English:

faute de mieux


  • For want of a better alternative.

    ‘women often couldn't pay the fines, and sheriffs could end up imprisoning them faute de mieux’
    • ‘Although nebulous - even logically suspect - these concepts provided, faute de mieux, the tools for deriving the great wealth of results the calculus had made possible.’
    • ‘Thus, faute de mieux, we follow many others in continuing to use CVs, albeit with caution.’
    • ‘It has reached the point now where he is regarded faute de mieux in some quarters as an acceptable guarantor of stability in an inherently unstable and fragmented country.’
    • ‘But he paints a poignant picture: his sticking to his circle, faute de mieux, is presumably a direct consequence of the events that have defined his short and turbulent life.’
    • ‘The lack of American bases in the Pacific also led, faute de mieux, to fleet self-subsistence and long-range capability.’




faute de mieux

/fot də mjø//fəʊt də ˈmjəː/