Definition of fault-finding in English:



mass noun
  • 1Continual criticism, typically concerning trivial things.

    ‘the traditional manager will attempt to get results by fault-finding’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I suspect that most readers will agree with me that they'd much rather read a balanced and appreciative games collection than immerse themselves in this sort of fault-finding.’
    • ‘Planetary placements are definitely Virgo-friendly at present so why squander them on fault-finding and criticising?’
    • ‘Mercury in Virgo certainly activates an avalanche of fault-finding, complaints and gossip, and you may find yourself playing the blame game.’
    • ‘Candide thinks happiness can be gained from fault-finding.’
    • ‘So while criticism of volunteers is easy, one should go easy on the fault-finding unless one is willing to get off the fence and do the work.’
    • ‘When you have to confront your child, avoid blaming, criticizing, or fault-finding, which undermine self-esteem and can lead to resentment.’
    • ‘It's already shaping up for that pattern of fault-finding, but there could be some variations on that game this time.’
    • ‘On a deeper level, this fault-finding is actually a fear-based defense mechanism that keeps other people away.’
    • ‘With its relentless fault-finding and its pervasively self-justifying tone, Dickens's essay may well be considered as much a work of ‘political persuasion’ as it is of fact.’
    • ‘Your personality has a much more critical and fault-finding tone.’
    • ‘You may be distracted, overly hopeful, in a fault-finding mood, or just plain bored.’
    • ‘It is not the overzealous, fault-finding traffic officers who ambush motorists at every street corner.’
    • ‘We are forever on a fault-finding, postmortem mission but do not want to prescribe solutions to problems.’
    • ‘I was able to spend time with that person and the complaining and fault-finding was significantly reduced.’
    • ‘The persistent critic, therefore, has a vested interest in fault-finding.’
    criticism, captiousness, cavilling, quibbling, niggling, pedantry, hair-splitting
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  • 2The investigation of the cause of malfunction in machinery, especially electronic equipment.

    • ‘Copies of a new health book that looks like a car manual, offering a no-nonsense guide to fault-finding and fixing, are being handed out.’
    • ‘I do a lot of fault-finding on the jets - it's highly-skilled work.’
    • ‘The incredibly helpful error message of ‘an unidentified error has occurred’ isn't exactly helpful when it comes to fault-finding and trouble-shooting either.’