Definition of faucet in English:



North American
  • A tap.

    • ‘This is also the time to shut off outdoor faucets and install freeze-proof faucet covers as needed.’
    • ‘Some older houses were built without shutoff valves that connect the plumbing to their toilets or faucets.’
    • ‘The 2 main faucet types most commonly used are compression faucets and mixing faucets.’
    • ‘The hole patterns of your old faucet should match the pattern of the new faucet.’
    • ‘You can buy a small, round sink and a tall faucet at any plumbing supply store.’
    • ‘Sometimes chunks of this corrosion can break away and get lodged in valves or faucets.’
    • ‘Cover outside faucets using a faucet insulation kit available at home centers.’
    • ‘Outside, turn the hose faucet and the gate valve for the sprinkler system on.’
    • ‘It was constructed of green marble, and water spouted from golden faucets fashioned after leopard heads.’
    • ‘Aren't the faucets sold in hardware stores the same faucets plumbers supply?’
    • ‘Battery or hardwired systems are the most common; however, innovations range from solar-powered faucets to faucets that generate their own electricity.’
    • ‘Repair leaky faucets promptly; a leaky faucet wastes gallons of water in a short period.’
    • ‘Also, the tap on the tank where the treated water is stored flows more slowly than the tap on your regular faucet.’
    • ‘This case-control study examined 18 randomly selected sensor-operated faucets and 18 handle-operated faucets.’
    • ‘I could now water everything on the farm just by turning on the faucet and fiddling with a few valves from time to time.’
    • ‘After the sink is positioned and securely in place, you can attach the faucet to the plumbing source.’
    • ‘Is bottled better than what's on tap in our faucets?’
    • ‘Some flush valves and faucets make it easier to replace key wear components.’
    • ‘This includes not only faucets and flush valves, but also automated soap dispensers and time-release cleaning solutions that help prevent buildup caused by heavy minerals in hard water.’
    • ‘In this case, shut the water to the entire house, and plan on changing out the stop valves as well as the faucet.’
    valve, spout, stopcock, cock, spile
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Late Middle English (denoting a bung for the vent hole of a cask, or a tap for drawing liquid from a container): from Old French fausset, from Provençal falset, from falsar to bore. The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.