Definition of fatstock in English:



mass nounBritish
  • Livestock that has been fattened for slaughter.

    • ‘The usual fatstock market will be held on Tuesday, January 2, and will follow York on the same day.’
    • ‘Baltinglass Mart was buzzing with activity last week as they hosted their 28th annual fatstock show and sale.’
    • ‘To discuss the regulations, the opening sale itself and the prospects for starting the fatstock market, we are holding an open meeting on Tuesday next, March 12 at noon in the cattle ring.’
    • ‘Yorkshire is a lone voice in trying to lobby Whitehall to see if we can get fatstock markets classified as slaughter points so that the 20-day ban is not triggered.’
    • ‘If he had been entering a fatstock competition, I am sure his story would have been one of unrivalled success.’
    • ‘When the first sale of fatstock by auction was held at York Cattle Market, butchers were able to buy the stock most suited to their particular trade, and through them, the housewife was able to exercise her choice.’
    • ‘The farmer also wanting to bring fatstock into market again is tied by these rules, therefore in a falling market the buyer is in complete control.’
    • ‘This column is meant to be about marketing and, without wishing to be boring, I repeat my reflections on the lessons to be learned from last year in our specialist field of selling fatstock.’
    • ‘Our collection centre at York will continue to operate and can now serve the whole region for fatstock.’