Definition of fatally in English:



  • 1With death as a result.

    ‘21,000 soldiers died or were fatally wounded’
    • ‘This arrow pierces Menelaus' clothing but does not wound him fatally, even though the blood comes gushing out.’
    • ‘In the closet scene, Hamlet mistook her father for the king, and he fatally stabbed him.’
    • ‘Eurydice picks flowers for her wedding garland and is fatally bitten by the snake.’
    • ‘Upon his return, he is stunned to find Emily fatally wounded by an unknown assailant.’
    • ‘They hear firing ahead of them and he is wounded fatally.’
    • ‘The two fought and Paris was fatally wounded.’
    • ‘Edgar fatally wounds his brother, leaving Edmund to confess to all of his crimes.’
    • ‘Both families continue to travel west together until they are separated when his wife becomes fatally ill, which forces them to stay behind.’
    • ‘The artwork presents a series of large silk veils suspended from the ceiling, which are imprinted with images of mothers whose children were fatally shot.’
    • ‘Your child has been fatally injured.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that leads to failure or disaster.
      ‘the whole concept is fatally flawed’
      ‘the revelation fatally undermined the prosecution's case’
      as submodifier ‘Katharine's sister is fatally attractive to men’
      • ‘His reputation had been fatally damaged.’
      • ‘These periodic sojourns backward in time fatally dilute the picture's narrative power.’
      • ‘A couple of these essays are fatally infected by the logorrhoea that afflicts so much current architectural theory.’
      • ‘Accidentally provoking a murderous rage had always been a fatally easy thing to do.’
      • ‘Director and writer are reprimanded for story decisions that slowed the pacing and tempo of the film fatally.’
      • ‘The piece is magnificent in many ways but is fatally let-down by an undistinguished organ sound that even I can better with an electronic keyboard.’
      • ‘Like its main character, the film is fatally flawed.’
      • ‘For me at least, a potentially distinguished performance was fatally undermined.’
      • ‘None of these visual coups comes off with much theatrical energy, and the stage action is often fatally inert.’
      • ‘His position had been fatally weakened, and he too had to go.’