Definition of fat camp in English:

fat camp


  • A residential course for overweight children, promoting exercise and healthy eating to facilitate weight loss.

    • ‘Carnegie Camp is Britain's first fat camp for children.’
    • ‘Today we are talking about fat camps in America and her support of the Free Society's work against government anti-obesity campaigns.’
    • ‘Will fat camps be set up to compete with the Gaeltacht during school holidays?’
    • ‘The hell with that: 13-year-olds should be at fat camp or at the junior-high prom, failing to grope their dates.’
    • ‘The league is also doing more investigations into overweight horses, and its centres have become "fat camps" for animals that need to lose weight.’
    • ‘Finally, my dad suggested I go to a "fat camp" called Camp Pennbrook in Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘A quick perusal of the pack led us all to think that we were in fat camp.’
    • ‘The warning came from Essex Rivers NHS Trust as Essex University announced it will run "fat camps" for overweight children this summer.’
    • ‘Every overweight kid fears the fat camp in the same way they fear death, and rightfully so.’
    • ‘Health bosses have ruled out US-style "fat camps" to knock youngsters into shape but are trying to drive home the healthy eating message in schools.’
    • ‘Ellin, a journalist and onetime fat kid herself, explores the sad culture of overweight adolescence, from diet meals to fat camps to surgery.’
    • ‘We could go to a fat camp but frankly what could they teach us?’
    • ‘It looks like Microsoft is sending its portly player to fat camp.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a charity is planning to run American-style fat camps across Scotland to help children to lose weight.’
    • ‘The fat camp is the front lines of the war against obesity.’
    • ‘Fat camps should be open to the widest range of youngsters as possible, and must be affordable to everyone.’
    • ‘Concerned over his intake of calories, several of Cartman's friends and family pitch in to perform an intervention and send the porker to fat camp.’
    • ‘They have been lucky enough to obtain a place at Europe's only American-style fat camp here in Apperley Bridge.’
    • ‘Fat camps are a way of telling them, in a round about way, that they are fat and you can't be bothered having fun with them.’
    • ‘Fat camps are sort of like modern day concentration camps for the obese, save for the fact that concentration camp counselors were a hell of a lot meaner.’


fat camp