Definition of fat body in English:

fat body


  • Each of a number of small white structures in the body of an animal, especially an insect, which act as a store of fats and glycogen.

    • ‘They show disintegration of the fat body and most third instar larvae develop melanotic tumors.’
    • ‘Insects, in general, have the metabolic capacity to convert dietary carbohydrates to lipids and to store lipids within the fat body.’
    • ‘These peptides are released from the fat body cells into the hemolymph where they lyse invading microbial cells.’
    • ‘Butterflies store fat in extensive abdominal fat bodies similarly to odonates and are known to use lipids as a fuel for extended flight.’
    • ‘This may result from the dynamic equilibrium maintained between trehalase and glycogen in the insect fat body.’