Definition of fat-headed in English:



  • See fathead

    • ‘It is a recipe for cutting out all the fat-headed tosh and codswallop about the need to ‘detox’ after the Christmas holidays.’
    • ‘And that makes her under-graduate fabrications seem even more vacuous and fat-headed.’
    • ‘Well, if that were the case, he'd show that fat-headed shogun-wannabe and his band of thugs who the real warrior was around the Old Pueblo.’
    • ‘I am self-aware enough, and a harsh critic of myself, such that I consider these things, and ponder my own nature, wondering where - attempting not to be vain and fat-headed - just where in this spectrum I might fit.’
    • ‘He has an excellent moment at the beginning: his silent flash of disgust with the fat-headed mediocrity lined up to marry Dinah is the instant he falls in love with her himself.’